emotional health during a pandemic

WellWo, a company in the occupational health sector, has embarked on the practice of mindfulness to deal with the current situation in which the mental and emotional health problems of the population have increased.

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 14 April 2021

In these exceptional times, the context of the pandemic has caused changes in our society, causing the lives of many people to be changed by the context. Isolation, fear, bewilderment, or anxiety have affected mental health, increasing stress, anxiety, or depression.

In order to cope with this condition, WellWo makes the Mindfulness program available to companies with which, through this practice, employees can have a set of self-care tools based on mindfulness and awareness. emotional intelligence, with which to cope with the stress and difficulties that are in your life.

In the well-being and health at work platform, the Mindfulness program supports employees, through various explanatory and practical videos, so that they acquire, step by step, resources to transfer into their daily lives, which allows them to have the knowledge and techniques needed to improve and maintain your emotional health.

Mindfulness was born as a discipline to relieve suffering and achieve emotional balance. Extensive research has shown that its practice has strong benefits in improving the well-being and health of employees, both personally and at work.

When a worker has emotional intelligence and knows how to manage his emotions, he copes with negative thoughts, reduces stress, improves focus, attention and creativity, increases productivity, team communication, tolerance and patience, among others.

Integrating tools such as mindfulness in a company betting on the integral health of workers is betting on the organization itself.

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