“Emotional health must be part of new HR strategies through health and well-being programs”

Interview. Federico de Vicente, CEO of Gympass Iberia: “Emotional health must be part of new HR strategies through health and wellness programs”

The pandemic and its consequences have caused a 360-degree shift in our lives, personal and professional. They changed every sector, every step, every project and every goal. But without a doubt, if there is anything that has been damaged more in the past year, it is our health, in all its aspects. And it is on this, in physical, mental and financial health, that we focused on the last new opus of Coffee Break, the TV program of RRHHDigital.

To analyze all these concepts, we had the participation of Federico De Vicente, CEO of Gympass Iberia, who talks about health with a 360 approach. “Companies have already worked on comprehensive wellness plans for their employees, but now , with the pandemic, this is where the importance of mental health was emphasized. “And it is that, if before we thought more of health as a physical concept, now with the pandemic and the stress , we have moved on to a greater concern for mental health.

In collaboration with Federico De Vicente, we were able to address the different types of health concept and how companies have had to readjust to the new needs and demands of the employees themselves. “Before, health and wellness plans were mainly focused on sport. After the pandemic, the mental health and stability of our employees is essential. However, De Vicente insists on the need to move on, as there is still a long way to go. “There is a long way to go. To this day, anxiety or stress issues are still seen as a tab in companies and among employees themselves.”

Health and wellness programs

Undoubtedly, a healthy worker is a productive worker in his job. Thus, companies are increasingly relying on this type of in-house establishment. “These concepts must be part of new HR strategies across health and wellness programs. Companies have healthier and therefore more productive workers.

Likewise, De Vicente highlights one of the keys to the implementation of this type of program, and that is the involvement of company managers, to know first-hand the demands and needs of their team. “Certainly we see how many HRDs in Spain are concerned about implementing a wellness program. And from Gympass, we help them establish a 360 wellness plan for their entire team via our digital platforms “

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