Employees are more and more self-taught

More and more employees are turning to self-learning. Since early 2020, online course registrations have increased six-fold in Europe, according to a study by Cornerstone OnDemand.

The data highlights the desire of employees to adapt and expand their knowledge, confirmed by Cornerstone Vice President for Southern Europe, Marc Altimiras. “Today more than ever, it is crucial that in-company training be continuous. In this way, we ensure that employees develop the skills necessary to face new market demands, develop their career plans and feel that they are bringing real added value to their company ”, assures Altimiras.

Some of the most requested courses over the past year are those related to blockchain, telecommuting, language learning, or practicing active listening while interacting with the customer.

In Spain, in particular, workers were particularly interested in training on blockchain and its relationship to the economy and HR. Altimiras explains that this is due to the fact that the People department of companies “has great challenges to overcome such as the selection of talent and the verification of data and references of potential candidates”.

This training is followed by others focused on health and wellness and customer service to provide better service.

The need to take on new challenges is what has driven employees to become more and more self-taught. This is why, according to Altimiras, it is essential to offer them “high-fidelity and trendy content that offers the right topics, just when they are needed, attractive content, in order to make people’s professional lives. , their managers and their organizations is more proactive, inclusive and of greater impact ”.

Among the companies that have already benefited from this type of training is Meli Hotels. “Cornerstone has helped him achieve great results in just a few months and our people really appreciate having a platform for all of their learning needs,” they conclude.

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