Employment in ICT service firms increases 0.15% despite COVID-19 crisis

Employment in ICT service firms increases 0.15% despite COVID-19 crisis

This net job growth, which once again demonstrates how the sector continues to create jobs, is radically different from the service sector which, on the contrary, is destroying employment at a rate of -5.3% annual

BY RRHHDigital, 03:30 – 20 January 2021

The demand for specialized talent from ICT service companies manages to stay in the positive field with annual growth of + 0.15%, once again demonstrating the resilience of the ICT services sector despite the great difficulties of the coronavirus crisis.

“This specialized job continues to be created after a period of 12 months during which economic activity was handicapped by the Covid19 situation shows” the power of a tractor sector, which differs radically from the service sector “, underlines Antonio Rueda, Director of VASS Research and responsible for TIC Monitor, the monthly barometer developed by VASS and the Center for Economic Prediction of CEPREDE.

In this latest installment, data on net job growth shows how, once again, the sector continues to create jobs and radically differentiates itself from the service sector which, on the contrary, is destroying jobs at a rapid pace. annual rate of -5.3%. “The economic system has undergone structural and irreversible changes, such as an overhaul of working relationships based on teleworking, a reorientation of consumption patterns towards electronic commerce, or an evolution of relational models towards non-face-to-face models. And in all of these areas, the key to adaptation lies in ICT services, ”says Rueda.

However, the turnover development of ICT service companies continues to show a negative trend, contracting by -12.2%. By discounting the effect of prices, we obtain the evolution of the volume of activity, which would fall by -10.3%. Without being a good record, it contrasts favorably with the service sector as a whole, which in the same terms fell by almost -15%.

Moderate optimism in employer expectations

Regarding the expectations of entrepreneurs, if in the previous delivery the indicator which marks the expectations of the evolution of invoicing improved by +28 points on a scale of +/- 100, thus becoming the best record since August, This month they worsen slightly down to +17.2, although they remain above the EU-27 average indicator (+ 13.5%).

Regarding the forecast for net job creation, the improvement continues with a slight growth to +27.7 points on a scale of +/- 100, it also remains above the EU average, with + 18.4 points. This means that 63.9% of companies in the ICT service sector expect net job creation until March 2021.

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