Endesa and Generacin SAVIA launch a mentoring initiative for professionals over 50

Endesa and Generacin SAVIA launch a mentoring initiative for professionals over 50

The Endes Foundation and the Mshumano Foundation, through its Generation SAVIA platform, have initiated a pioneering “mentoring” project, in which unemployed seniors and Endesa workers participate, in order to promote the employability of professionals 50 years old and help promote social change that values ​​their talent and experience, so needed at this time for socio-economic recovery.

Mentoring is a professional development process in which a mentor shares their knowledge, skills, experiences and learning, while offering advice, information and serving as a guide to those they are intended for. Its essence lies in the helping, learning and growing relationship that is created between the mentor and the person receiving the “mentoring”.

What is SAVIA Twins?

The SAVIA Twins program consists of a “mentoring” process that will take place “online” over three months (from October to December 2020) through Endesa volunteers from all over the country, who will have previously received specific training and methodology. . This training will be given by a certified Business Mentor.

Seniors registered on the SAVIA platform who participate in the program will receive assistance which can be very useful for their return to the labor market:

New points of view to make decisions and information about available opportunities. Help in the development of an action plan and access to possible new contacts. Update of new knowledge and experiences. Professional assistance, information on the real situation and work advice. An overview and assessment of your skills.

The SAVIA Twins mentoring methodology is designed to develop the potential of the people who receive it, based on knowledge transfer and experiential learning. The goal of this relationship is to develop the potential to become talents. In the long term, it tries to make the people who participate in it stronger, better prepared and endowed with a better knowledge of the corporate culture.

In what areas can seniors benefit from mentoring?

SAVIA Twins offers the possibility of “mentoring” in a wide variety of professional fields, such as the development of people and organizations, business management, communication and digital marketing, management and direction of projects, planning and management. control, auditing, quality management, “product management”, and in more technical and engineering fields typical of an electricity company, among other professional specialties.

Great examples of “mentoring”

For the program to work, it is essential that a personal and trusting relationship is established between the mentor, who guides, encourages, challenges and encourages, and the person receiving the mentoring and who is ready to access this knowledge to maximize his talent.

There are great examples of expert mentoring: Steve Jobs mentoring Mark Zuckerberg, magnate Warren Buffett with Bill Gates, musician Ray Charles with songwriter and music producer Quincy Jones, or famous horror film director Roger. Corman as the boss and teacher of Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford. Coppolay James Cameron.

The value of senior talent

To help tackle the job destruction faced by those over 50, SAVIA has spent two years claiming and highlighting the combination of experience, commitment and trajectory of seniors.

Indeed, even before the onset of the health crisis, companies began to think about the advantages offered by the establishment of an intergenerational workforce, since they promote the circulation and transmission of knowledge.

In the words of Gloria Juste, project manager of the Endesa Foundation, “unlike other ‘mentoring’ processes, where it is common for a more experienced person to pass on their knowledge and experience to a younger person who is starting out. barely, at SAVIA Twins we want seniors registered on the platform to update their knowledge and vision on professional profiles that have completely changed in recent years, due to the digital transformation, taught by Endesa employees from all generations, in order to integrate new tools and different job processes. But we also want to “mentor” new professional profiles that didn’t even exist some time ago. Therefore, the Twins program is looking for both ‘like professionals’ and ‘different professionals’, in order to overcome age-related biases that unfairly and wrongly maintain that senior talents do not adapt to new environments. work or that they are not able to integrate new digital knowledge from day to day ”.

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