Endesa and the Adecco Foundation join forces in an ambitious emergency employment project

Endesa and the Adecco Foundation join forces in an ambitious emergency employment project

Endesa becomes the main supporter of the Adecco Foundation in its #EmergenciaPorElEmpleo project after the signing today of its representatives, the CEO of Endesa, Jos Bogas, and the president of the Adecco Foundation, president of Adecco Espaa and regional manager Adecco Iberia, Italy, Eastern Europe & MENA, Enrique Snchez, of the agreement that binds them in this important fight against the unemployment of the most vulnerable. An initiative of the Adecco Foundation which calls on the business union to put an end to the social and labor exclusion of 10,000 families affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic. With the financial and personal contribution of Endesa (Endesa employees will help the project with different volunteering formulas, it is expected that this project will help nearly 400 families in great difficulty to come out of social exclusion.

A labor market devastated by COVID-19

The effects of the coronavirus on the labor market are devastating. The figures speak for themselves: after the state of alarm and the confinement phase, in the second quarter of the year, more than a million households (1,148,800) were counted with all their members unemployed in Spain, 7% more than the previous quarter and 13% more than before the pandemic.

Likewise, many people have lost their jobs at this point. Specifically, COVID-19 destroyed 130,500 jobs in the Community of Madrid between the second quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020) and the unemployment rate climbed to 12.6%, the highest figure since the third quarter of 2018 and which, moreover, does not reflect reality in its entirety, by not collecting all these people protected by ERRES.

In the case of the beneficiaries of the Adecco Foundation – people with disabilities, long-term unemployed people over 45, women with unrequited family responsibilities and / or victims of gender-based violence and other people in danger of exclusion – the difficulties are accentuated, insofar as his situation was already very complicated. In fact, they take an average of 12 months to find a job, with support, and are particularly exposed to long-term unemployment, the exhaustion of benefits and therefore social exclusion.

On the other hand, and although it is not yet possible to know exactly by how much poverty and vulnerability have increased as a result of the crisis generated by COVID-19, whose immediacy, speed and severity are still extreme, according to EAPN, entities like Oxfam Intermon predict that the pandemic could increase the number of poor people in Spain by 1.1 million. According to the latest EAPN report “The State of Poverty in Spain” in the Community of Madrid, 19% of the population is at risk of poverty and / or social exclusion, a percentage that could skyrocket due to economic crisis.

According to Enrique Snchez: “At times like this, when the demand for jobs is going to multiply, the most vulnerable people face great difficulties to be competitive in a market which made them already difficult before the crisis. Now more than ever, we need the engagement of the business community to include the workforce in order to avoid the chronification of poverty and inequality in our country. Thanks to the support of companies like Endesa, we can strengthen our resources to support, guide, train, offer psychological support and respond to all those families who urgently need a job to escape exclusion and regain their dignity. and resume their life project “.

For his part, since Endesa, its CEO, Jos Bogas, has underlined the proven ability of the company to, with agility, join forces and direct the direction of its projects towards a different and united orientation, and this should be the one of those. lessons learned that are here to stay. Life is unpredictable, it’s true, but it takes everyone’s effort to overcome challenges, it’s predictable. With this second phase of our Responsibility Plan, the company wishes to reinforce a message that is part of its overall strategy: the need to leave no one behind, in any energy, economic or social transition that arises. Just transition, sustainability, demands that there be good for all.

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