Endesa is committed to bringing science closer to female researchers of the future

To increase the presence of women in energy sector companies, it is necessary that girls choose technical training during their school and university careers. There are therefore two main objectives: to increase the participation of women in these jobs; and bring down the girls of today, who will be the future engineers and scientists of tomorrow, in love with science.

Endesa has just renewed the Equality Badge which reinforces the commitment acquired with the Ministry of Equality through which the company plans to increase the presence of women in middle management from 32.8% currently to 40% in 2023; in management positions, from 18% to 28%; and, on the Executive Committee, from 6% to 16%.

This 4-year agreement is part of Endesa’s Gender Action Plan, the objectives of which are to increase the presence of women in the workforce, increase the presence of women in positions of responsibility and guarantee equal pay. To this end, various initiatives are being developed, such as involving at least 50% of women in the company’s selection process and thus being able to increase the number of hires of women.

In addition, various initiatives structured around three pillars are developed: talent attraction, awareness raising and promotion of female leadership, and additional communication actions are carried out, external commitments are established and the development of actions and their impact are monitored.

Talent attraction

Likewise, to promote the vocation of STEM studies among women, several projects are under development: Orienta-T, Dismantling stereotypes and Elle tells you. Thanks to them all, Endesa has brought science closer to more than 1,500 girls.

Endesa started participating in these programs in 2017, with the Junior Achievement Foundation, through the Orienta-T educational project. This initiative is aimed at high school, high school and vocational school students as well as their teachers and sought to create a reference space for vocational guidance. Through 16 pills and a battery of more than 50 motivational videos from STEM workers, the goal of Orienta-T is for young people to think about their professional future, plan and make decisions to achieve their goals and make the visible leadership of women. in STEM fields, breaking down stereotypes and encouraging young women to study these careers.

This is reflected in the impact study carried out by the Junior Achievement Foundation in collaboration with the University of Murcia, which shows that after participating in this program, the identification of girls with the phrase “In general, boys are better at mathematics than girls “and the number of girls who want to study this type of career increases by 31%.

The uneven participation of boys and girls in STEM careers has its roots in the gender stereotypes that we as a society continue to transmit and which associate certain characteristics based on gender roles. This is where the Desmontando Estereotypes program was born, a co-education initiative in classrooms in which Endesa, in collaboration with expert psychologists, organizes workshops for students and teachers from different schools in order to “ dismantle ”gender stereotypes and bring science closer to women. girls. The program focuses on ages 10 to 12, when these stereotypes begin to be made explicit in social relationships. In 2019 these workshops were given in 6 schools in the Community of Madrid and in 2020 the initiative moved to Seville. Thanks to COVID, instead of being in person, the initiative has been digitized and educational videos have been developed for students, teachers and families, allowing it to reach more schools, expanding the curriculum of Madrid to Andalusia. In order to connect more easily with the girls, a video has been designed: “Sara’s Tale” which discovers science through the eyes of a girl.

Also intended to promote technological vocations, Endesa recently launched the campaign it tells you with the Fundación Universidad Empresa. This campaign is aimed at ESO 1 to 4 students and has had an impact in over 100 schools across Spain. The aim of this campaign is to promote STEM careers among female students through 20 webinars in which Endesa employees with careers related to technology and engineering explain firsthand what led them to choose a STEM career.


At Endesa, we believe that achieving a more diverse business is the responsibility of all employees and that we still have unconscious biases that put the brakes on a gender-fair work environment where there are equal opportunities. To break down these unconscious barriers, we designed a project based on data analysis and simulation that we called Conscious Decisions, with which we provide managers with tools such as the Diversity Thermometer or the Salary Gap Calculator. Who is a simulation tool with which managers can check the impact of their decisions on diversity goals (for example, when a manager has to do a salary review, the gap calculator lets him know that if he decides increase a man’s salary, this can increase the pay gap in the company), and the use of which has helped to reduce the pay gap.

Actions are also carried out for Endesa employees; In the field of education, HER was launched, a program which, through play, reveals the unconscious biases that influence day-to-day decision-making.

Framed on the occasion of International Women’s Day this year, Endesa joins Women’s Week organized by the Adecco Foundation, whose objective is to promote, through employability, the socio-professional integration of women at risk. exclusion, aggravated by COVID-19. The week focuses its efforts on providing these women with the skills and resources to facilitate their path to employment, as a solution to their vulnerable situation.

Female leadership

These are not the only initiatives of Endesa to promote equality between men and women in the company. Women benefit from greater visibility within Endesa by encouraging their participation in internal / external forums, especially women with a technical profile who can inspire other women.

To achieve this empowerment of female leadership, Endesa has launched initiatives such as the mentoring of women, as it is proven that a small percentage of women compared to men ask for a promotion or a salary increase, or there is less. of women applying for vacancies than this. they fully meet all requirements.

Finally, conciliation measures are promoted (more than 60 measures in agreement) and, above all, joint responsibility is promoted. In the current situation of teleworking, Endesa also wants to guarantee equality, that family responsibilities do not fall only on women so that they can have an optimal performance under the same conditions, and when they return to work face to face. also guarantee diversity. so that “voluntarily” incorporate a majority of men and women work from home and become “invisible”.

Acknowledgments and commitments

Endesa has awarded several accolades since 2019 for its commitment to gender equality, such as the Accem Divem Mujeres Diversas Award 2019, for promoting careers in STEM and their inclusion in the Bloomberg Gender Index.

The company maintains other voluntary commitments with the Ministry of Equality, including the agreement “More women, better companies”, to increase the presence of women in management positions; adherence to the initiative “For a society without gender violence” and the renewal for another year of the Distinction of equality in the company, which the ministry grants to companies that promote equality between women and men. men.

In addition to the commitments signed with the ministry, Endesa has maintained its membership in the Alliance of CEOs for Diversity since 2019, promoted by the Adecco and CEOE foundations. By signing the Alliance, the CEO of Endesa recognizes diversity, equity and inclusion as core values ​​that enrich companies and strengthen their competitiveness. And he is committed to promoting diversity strategies at Endesa, involving its management committees and creating a common vision of diversity.

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