Engineers, teachers, health workers … What are the best paid jobs in 2021?

Engineers, teachers, health workers … What are the best paid jobs in 2021?

Randstad, number 1 in human resources in Spain and in the world, has published its report on salary trends 2021, produced by its study center, Randstad Research. Its aim is to provide valuable information on the salary situation in Spain in the complex work scenario in which we currently find ourselves. This study has compensation data in six major geographies, identifying different salary ranges for 247 relevant positions in 13 industries and professional fields.

Randstad points out that some of the best paying positions correspond to profiles linked to new technologies and innovation. The health crisis has only accelerated the digital transformation processes in many companies, which is why the demand for these types of professionals has increased in such a way that it is difficult for employers to find the right talent. Some of these positions, linked to data analysis or R&D projects, have an initial salary of around 30,000 euros per year, a salary that can double in subsequent years.

A remuneration which will also depend on the place of signature of the contract. The Randstad study detects two groups of places where there are tangible wage differences. On the one hand, Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao have the highest wages, while in Valencia, Seville and Malaga wages tend to be, on average, 9% lower.

Randstad stresses that training is also a very important aspect of getting a better salary. According to Valentín Bote, director of Randstad Research, “it must be continuous training, focused on professional skills and improving employability. Training in line with our professional background, which allows us to meet the needs of the labor market and access higher categories. The best investment we can make is undoubtedly in training ”.

IT and telecom sector

The profile of professionals in the IT and telecoms sectors, which are currently in high demand, are generally graduates and receive above-average remuneration. It is a sector that employs 471,500 people, or about 2.4% of all workers in our country. In addition, in 2020, he saw his hires increase by 0.2%, which translates to 1,100 signatures. The sector signed 135,828 contracts in 2020, half of which were open-ended.

This sector offers great opportunities for professionals with the appropriate training. Currently, the market requires often rare profiles, such as system architect, devops, account manager, data scientist or business analyst. Positions which, in most cases, have initial salaries above 30,000 euros and which can double after six years.

Salary ranges for some of the most in-demand positions in the information technology and telecommunications industries

Engineering sector

Engineering is a highly skilled service sector with a high level of job stability. It employs around 300,000 professionals in our country, or 1.5% of the total, although it saw a reduction of 2,000 jobs last year (-0.7%). In 2020, it signed 134,177 contracts, including 34,911 permanent and 99,266 temporary.

Salaries in the engineering sector are characterized by pay that steadily increases as years of professional experience increase, with starting salaries easily doubling after six years in business. R & D-related jobs, for example, currently in high demand, can double your annual salary in six years.

Logistics and transport sector

Logistics and transport is one of the few sectors to exceed one million workers in Spain, also showing great dynamism in terms of employment throughout 2020, to the point of representing 7.8% of the total. all recruitments. More specifically, it generated 1.25 million contracts, of which 106,743 were open-ended and 1.14 million were temporary. Employment in the sector fell by 40,600 companies, although employment in the logistics segment increased by more than 7,000 people.

Salaries in the logistics and transport sector are lower compared to other economic activities, and only managerial positions are capable of exceeding 60,000 euros in annual salary and after more than six years of professional experience. It is worth noting that the Supply Chain Manager has been one of the highest paid professionals since the start of his professional career, a profile also in high demand in the current situation of the international logistics boom.

Salary ranges for positions in the logistics industry

Distribution sector

Retail is one of the main sectors of our country’s economy in terms of trade and subcontracting, employing 11.5% of workers. In 2020, it generated 1.12 million contracts, of which 187,293 were open-ended and 930,797 were temporary, which represents 7% of all contracts generated in Spain. However, it is a sector particularly affected by the crisis, with a drop of 3.4% in hiring, which translates into 79,000 jobs.

In the retail trade, a big difference in salary level is detected between management positions and intermediate or basic profiles. In fact, lower paying jobs, like customer service or store manager, have small pay increases over the years. There are some exceptions, such as the designer or the product manager, who see their salary increase considerably as their experience increases, since, from salaries of around 25,000 euros per year, they can easily exceed 50,000 in six years.

Tax and legal sector

This skilled service sector employs 1.9% of all workers in Spain and over the past year has seen a slight drop of 200 jobs. It signed 61,608 contracts in 2020, of which 35,078 were open-ended and 31,977 were temporary, which represented only 0.4% of all contracts generated in Spain last year.

Four positions are studied in this sector: lawyer, compliance officer, fiscal manager and director of legal advice. All have in common that, on the basis of an annual starting salary of between 20,000 and 30,000 euros, salaries of between 80,000 and 100,000 euros can be achieved after more than six years of experience.

Salary scales for positions in the tax and legal sector

Education sector

The education sector employs 1.39 million people in Spain, according to the EPA for the fourth quarter of 2020, which represents 7.2% of all workers. In 2020, 492,754 contracts were signed (83,075 permanent and 409,679 temporary), i.e. 3.1% of all contracts generated in our country. It is also a growing sector, since it experienced an increase of 1.3% last year, or 17,000 jobs.

In this sector, significant salary differences can be observed between the different profiles according to their category, of the educational advisor or the educational technician; even the dean or director of the center, with the highest salaries in the sector. The highest salary range is offered by the teacher profile, because in this category can be located from a high school teacher to a business school teacher. Thus, it starts from an initial salary which, in many cases, does not even reach 18,000 euros per year, and can reach, after six years, up to 80,000 euros.

Health sector

Without a doubt, the health sector has been one of the protagonists during the year 2020. It employs 1.8 million people – 9.3% of workers in our country – and in 2020 it experienced a growth of 3.3%, which translates into 57,000 additional jobs. The sector signed 1.16 million contracts, most of them (1.03 million), temporary, which represents 7.3% of all contracts.

In terms of salaries, the sector is made up of tight profiles and with little increase in remuneration over the years. For example, positions such as nursing assistant, janitor, physiotherapist or social worker may have an annual starting salary of around 18,000 euros, which after six years in the profession barely exceeds 20,000 euros. In these cases, it is particularly advisable not to ignore training and improving employability when applying for other professional categories.

Digital sector and e-commerce

Although relatively small in size, this sector has experienced considerable growth in recent years, both as an independent sector and in transversal positions. Currently, 110,000 people work in the sector, or 0.6% of professionals in our country, and last year there was an increase of 3,100 jobs, which translates into a growth of 3.1% . During 2020, the digital and electronic commerce sector signed 101,172 contracts, including 12,848 permanent and 88,324 temporary.

Beyond well-paid managerial positions, the sector offers great opportunities for lower positions. In this way, profiles such as e-commerce manager, product manager or product manager can go from an initial annual salary of around 25,000 euros to easily exceed 60,000 after six years.

Life Sciences Sector

Despite its discreet size – it represents 1.1% of workers in our country, only 214,500 people – the life sciences sector is one of the most dynamic and with the highest qualification profiles. In fact, over the past year it has posted an increase of 20,500 jobs. In 2020, he signed around 85,000 contracts, 80% of which were temporary and the rest for an indefinite period.

Beyond managerial functions, the sector offers great opportunities for intermediate profiles, such as business unit manager, key account manager, market access or medical advisor. Positions linked to innovation should be noted: the R&D manager, for example, can go from an initial annual remuneration of around 30,000 euros to more than 60,000 six years later.

Sales, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources Sector

The areas of Sales & Marketing, Finance and HR have a transversal character in the structures of the company and do not constitute independent economic sectors. Even so, it represents 1.97 million people, 10.2% of total jobs. In 2020, the sector signed 577,101 contracts, including 145,709 permanent and 431,392 temporary, which represents 3.6% of all contracts generated in Spain.

These activities are characterized by a remuneration which tends to increase in a notable and stable manner over the years. It is therefore an interesting sector for a professional career.

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