English is already ahead of subjects like math in schools

The educational solutions company Macmillan Education, has prepared a qualitative study of schools across the country, the findings of which indicate that schools consider the preparation of English in their students as one of the main pedagogical axes, sometimes above ‘other basic skills. Like math or his own language. . In addition, English appears in all schools as a differential value and a means of complaint for families. With regard to the latter, families often ask what level of English their children will obtain at Selectividad or with what diploma they will finish their studies before enrolling them in an educational center.

In this sense, and to respond to their requests, the company, which is part of the Springer Nature group, has recently partnered with Capman Testing Solutions, the largest foreign language assessment provider present in 14,000 educational centers in 150 countries. to promote the teaching of Spanish. The centers implement the TOEFL Young Students, a continuous language assessment program, and thus improve the English learning of Spanish students.

According to the internal report of the company, in the centers consulted, subjects of other subjects are taught in English to standardize the learning as much as possible, considering that the integration of the language in daily learning is the most important way. optimal to achieve results.

For these reasons, the two companies put their vast experience and knowledge at the service of educational centers to provide an innovative and up-to-date evaluation system to the programs of educational centers in Spain. Among the advantages highlighted by the centers in which it is established, the fact that it is a multi-level examination and continuous assessment stands out, which allows to present students with different knowledge related to the foreign language.

“This initiative was born from the constant search for solutions to improve the educational quality of our classrooms. The implementation of this assessment model will be a step forward in the process of learning languages ​​like English, an essential requirement in the world of work, travel abroad or simply increase in our cultural knowledge, ”says Augusto Di Marco, Managing Director Macmillan Education Iberia.

The company currently has 232 employees in Spain spread over six offices. More than 68,000 teachers from 14,000 schools now teach with Macmillan products, reaching over 2.2 million students. Since its creation in 1987, it has published more than 2,200 digital books and manuals in Spain, including 600 titles of children’s and children’s literature since 2007.

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