English is consolidated as a favorite and interest in Chinese is increasing

Pandemic sparks language learning: English is consolidated as favorite and interest in Chinese increases

8Belts, the online language teaching platform for Spanish, carried out a study on a base of 9000 people all over Spain, with the aim of understanding whether language learning was one of the elements keys that developed stratospheric during the pandemic.

According to the company, the study of English, German, French and Chinese has experienced unprecedented growth in our country. Position the interest relative to 2019 as follows. English increased by 432%, followed by German with 350%, French with 342% and Chinese with 161%.

An important issue to highlight is the surprising appearance of new older students appearing in students over 70 years old.

More active communities

For 8Belts, the map for learning languages ​​throughout Spain is radically different. Madrid occupy the first place with 27.49%, Catalonia with 17.97%, Andalusia with 12.38%, C. Valenciana with 10.14%, the Canaries with 3.89%, Pas Basque with 3.58% and the Balearic Islands with 3.05%, are the most active communities in language learning associated with both commercial activity and tourism.

“The Spaniards are trained at these times of health alert, as the confinement and mobility restrictions mean they have more time at home. We knew English would be promoted, but the good news for us was a growth of almost 500% and as a curious fact the interest that the Spaniards are beginning to show for Chinese, with a growth of 161%. Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia, the Canaries, Valencia, the Basque Country and the Balearic Islands are the most active communities. It is the same way the data of the study since we have significantly increased the number of students, going from 3,670 in 2019 to 15,009 in 2020. And if the trend continues to go up, we think we will end 2021 in more than 25,000 ”, says Fernando Moreno, CEO of 8Belts.

English, the pending subject

For Fernando Moreno, English remains the great outstanding subject of the Spaniards and the most requested language. “Although it may seem surprising – he says – the percentage of university students with a medium-high knowledge of English is still very low, in many cases insufficient for an effective professional activity and our method in addition. effective knowledge builds confidence “.

According to 8Belts, the increase in German students, over 350%, over the last twelve months also stands out. “The previous crisis taught us Spaniards that fluency in this language is the key to finding work in Germany, a country with a strong technical job offer, and many people are considering this option to improve their employability, it is the crisis resulting from the pandemic “.

The number of French students also increased by 342%. “In this case, the motivations are more cultural and for many it is a question of learning a third language which allows them to communicate beyond Spanish and English”, indicates the CEO of 8Belts.

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