Enjoying a healthy, rich and balanced daily diet while working from home is now possible

Enjoying a healthy, rich and balanced daily diet while working from home is now possible

Due to the health emergency caused by the coronavirus, many people are forced to work from home. Teleworking has been imposed, either by personal choice or by obligation, in many homes and one of the consequences that workers suffer is the need to plan a menu and, of course, cook.

As Pedro Sarabia, Senior Chef of TupTup explains: “Many people who are used to eating in restaurants or in the dining rooms of their own work centers, with a menu provided by the company itself, are now finding that ‘they have to take care of themselves, not just cooking, but shopping and planning a healthy menu. And often they don’t know how to do it on a daily basis and combine their time in the best possible way ”.

For lack of time or, quite simply, because they do not know how to cook, the situation leads many teleworkers to neglect their diet, to consume an excess of poor quality precooked products, to resort to sales, to indulge in snacking or end up always eating the same thing. This poor diet, combined with the sedentary lifestyle typical of telework and possible neglect of schedules, sometimes leads to overweight, health problems (hypertension, diabetes, increased cholesterol and rich acid, etc.) and even situations of anxiety or depression. Also, poor nutrition can affect performance and productivity.

For this reason, experts recommend that when telecommuting, we consume foods that boost our immune system, such as legumes and vegetables, in addition to quality proteins such as those found in salmon and other oily fish, which can also help us to fill a possible gap. vitamin D.

For all this, TupTup wishes to remind both companies and staff of the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet, especially in telework situations; and also for those who spend their working time away from home, but who can no longer access a daily menu either because the restaurants are closed or because access to common dining rooms has been restricted.

TupTup offers an affordable solution to access a healthy, rich and balanced diet in a situation of telecommuting or problems to access a quality daily menu. Thanks to its team of chefs, nutritionists and experts in healthy food, who design each dish with its nutritional qualities in mind, always with fresh and quality products.

To facilitate access to a healthy telework menu, TupTup is launching a special promotion with a 20% discount, using the code TUPTELETRABAJO when ordering.

Special service for companies

In addition, TupTup offers a special service to companies wishing to offer their staff a healthy and balanced menu. “The facilitation of the lunch promotes the work-life balance of the staff. Not only do you save the time to prepare dinner the next day, but also the time to plan a menu for the whole week. For this reason, we offer personalized plans to companies that include personalized menus ”, explains Jos Carlos Fuertes, founding partner of TupTup. Plus, they avoid going out of the office to find a place to eat which in many cases results in fast food outlets or shoddy places.

With TupTup, every week, workers can comfortably receive at home or at their workplace a selection of varied, healthy and delicious dishes. Made with care and affection in a professional kitchen and vacuum-packed in recyclable tuppers to preserve all of its flavor and properties. The dishes are kept in perfect condition between 7 and 10 days by keeping them in the refrigerator. It is enough to warm up and have fun, to be able to concentrate only on work during the working day and to be able to spend free time with family, play sports or just rest.

TupTup offers a rigorous selection of dishes, with alternatives for all types of customers, including spoons, international dishes, traditional dishes, desserts and vegan options, with a detailed nutritional table and a list of allergens. Each week, the dishes offered vary so that users can enjoy varied menus tailored to their tastes and needs. The service is carried out all over Spain, both to homes and offices or work centers, and the shipment is refrigerated to guarantee the highest quality of delivery.

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