“Enough of sinking the country”

Updated: Sunday, February 21, 2021 2:09 PM

Published on: 21.02.2021 12:40

The winner of the elections in Catalonia, Salvador Illa, comments in “La Vanguardia” on the situation that exists due to the protests against the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél, which has caused riots and looting throughout the week.

For the leader of the PSC, his rivals must “choose to be for or against the Mossos”. “Is something going on? Should we normalize vandalism? Are we aware of the image we are giving?” Asks Illa, who is even more forceful when speaking of “the confusion of ideas of some parties “.

“Enough of sinking the country. Independence has led us to decline and that is enough. The work of the security forces cannot be called into question permanently”, criticizes Illa.

For the former Minister of Health, “change is unstoppable” in Catalonia after having obtained “a very relevant victory”. “There are 49,251 more reasons for me to be president and not a candidate of the ERC”, defends the candidate of the PSC, who calls on the ERC to decide between his candidacy or that of the Junts, which “incorporates people very right-wing and even xenophobic. approaches “.

If anything is clear for Illa, it is that he does not want to wait for the next elections to be president of the Generalitat. “I want to be now,” ditch.

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