“Enough! We won’t allow it”

Publication: Monday April 26, 2021 2:29 PM

First reaction of the Prime Minister after knowing the letter with a bloody razor addressed to Minister Reyes Maroto: “Enough! We are not going to allow it. We are not going to let hatred take precedence over coexistence in Spain. Our condemnation categorical of the grave Threat received today by the Minister of Industry. We are with you, Reyes, “he wrote on Twitter.

The minister has already spoken on her Twitter account and, in the same vein as her colleagues, thanked the show of support after the threats, and sent a resounding message: “Threats and violence will never silence the voice of democracy Freedom will prevail, “he writes.

Marlaska and Iglesias, also threatened, speak out

The Minister of the Interior, also the victim of a letter with death threats (one could read that he had ten days to resign), rejected in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo the events of recent days: “All my I support and I approve of Maroto. We continue in this network of threats, and I believe there must be a strong position, ”said the president.

In this sense, the leader showed a deep “discouragement” in the face of tensions and the deterioration of coexistence. And he also insists on the measures that the authorities will take: “There will be an investigation by the national police, they immediately appeared to collect the evidence,” he said of threats to his partner in government.

After learning about the news, various leaders reacted to this new threat against a public position. In this sense, the leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, also the victim of one of these letters, expressed to LaSexta his anger at the threats of recent days: “Okay, there is no right to receive a knife. This person He has daughters. Today it is this; another day bullets threaten other people. You cannot consent. Let the PP spokesperson blame my father terrorist and receiving a death threat cannot be tolerated, ”he said.

Thus, Iglesias defines this atmosphere of tension as “unbearable” and points out that the greatest fear, like that of Reyes Maroto, lies in the threats to families: “I cannot walk with my children without threats. They. must increase my security … an unbearable climate is created. And this must have a response not only judicial but also electoral, “he concluded.

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