“Enter rudeness”

Posted: Monday, November 30, 2020 10:45 a.m.

Casado reveals that “five weeks ago” he called Pedro Sánchez and has yet to receive a response from the prime minister. This was explained in an interview in Public Mirror.

The PP leader said he telephoned Sánchez to directly explain the PP’s position before the extension of the state of alarm, before announcing it publicly, but points out that more than a month has passed. has elapsed and has not yet returned the call. “He is not very close, I think he is very arrogant. I think he falls under the realm of bad education,” says Casado, who believes that the fact that the prime minister does not return, “in more than a month, “the Calling the Leader of the Opposition” is something that is not understood in any country in the world “.

“He didn’t call me for this or the budgets, so much so that he says the PP isn’t collaborating. He didn’t call me for the COVID restrictions or the educational pact either. everything and a lot to my regret, ”added the popular leader.

Casado also criticized the Prime Minister for his “arrogance” and “lack of truth” and claimed that the Socialist Party “has become a sanchist party”. For this reason, he called on the socialist “barons” who want to be in “centrality and moderation” to take a step forward. And it is that, according to him, the current executive is “discredited” in front of the public opinion for its “sectarianism” and its mismanagement of the pandemic.

On the direction of Díaz Ayuso: “It’s excellent”

Asked about his relations with Díaz Ayuso, the president of the PP defended on Monday that he maintained “very good relations” with the president of Madrid, whom he declared loyal to the national leadership of the party. He also ensures that the PP is a “united party”, which represents the alternative to the government of Sánchez.

Casado condemned the fact that Ayuso was initially criticized for not being a good candidate and is now being questioned saying he is doing “so well that it does not suit the party”. “No, it’s great for him,” he explained, showing himself to be proud of all his colleagues who govern in the autonomies and the mayors.

“The question here is whether the mayor and the president of Madrid govern well, and my answer is excellent. And if they are faithful to the national leadership, absolutely,” he argued.

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