Entrepreneurship in a pandemic: where to start

Entrepreneurship during a pandemic seems difficult. However, this is more possible than many imagine. This is how co-founder Carlos Meja sees it, assuring that it is “feasible” to start a business in complex economic environments such as the pandemic.

According to Meja, this is “a very fantastic time to start.” In his opinion, one need only look at the statistics of complex stages in history to realize that companies born in the midst of a crisis have a survival rate “far superior to those created in times of economic growth”.

According to him, there have never been so many initiatives to support entrepreneurial activity as today. He mentioned, for example, the largest community of entrepreneurs in Spain, such as the Entrepreneurship Club.

Among the tips given for entrepreneurship, there is training. For him, it is essential to train in business management and to seek good advisers with experience and knowledge in the matter.

“All of us who are entrepreneurs are fully aware that the areas of management of a business are many and complex”, he assures us, indicating that no entrepreneur has the knowledge or the capacity to make the right decisions for his business if there is not a single voucher. business management training.

Likewise, it indicates that entrepreneurs need to have good advisers, regardless of what stage of development the business is in. “When we have a company, unless it is already of a certain size, the necessary resources are generally not available to hire specialized personnel in each of the areas of management of the company,” he points out. he. This is why, he adds, the entrepreneur must turn to external consultants of quality and proven experience.

For that, remember that is a comprehensive business consulting and mentoring service for entrepreneurs, businessmen or even executives. The system will put the user in contact with the most appropriate expert to resolve his doubts. The aim of the system is to offer immediate solutions.

Entrepreneurship club

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