Entrepreneurship, leadership … Bisila Bokoko, CEO of BEES and former executive director of the Spanish-American Chamber of Commerce, talks about it all at the HR Innovation Summit 2021

Bokoko is one of the ten most influential Spanish women in business in America

Entrepreneurship, leadership … Bisila Bokoko, CEO of BEES and former executive director of the Spanish-American Chamber of Commerce, talks about it all at the HR Innovation Summit 2021

In 2021, the HR Innovation Summit will bring together more than 50 speakers of recognized national and international prestige, thus forming the best panel of speakers in the history of the congress. Among them, this year we will have Bisila Bokoko, CEO of BEES and former Executive Director of the Spanish-American Chamber of Commerce. During her presentation, this internationally renowned businesswoman will discuss interesting and complex current business topics such as business entrepreneurship, empowerment, business development, international business development and many more. other questions !

Business mentor and global ambassador

Bisila Bokoko is considered one of the ten most influential Spanish women in American business. Indeed, in 2019, he was named “Citizen of the World” by the United Nations. After more than fifteen years of experience as a catalyst for change and forging strategic alliances, creating and launching new opportunities for businesses in New York and around the world, Bokoko has proven to have a very effective power as a global brand ambassador, as well as a business development spokesperson.

Bisila Bokoko was Executive Director of the Spanish American Chamber of Commerce from 2005 to 2012 and is currently the Founder and Executive Director of BBES, a New York-based business development agency that focuses on promoting business and providing services to a wide range of markets. and industries, particularly in the gastronomy, fashion, art and culture sectors. A successful specialist in the establishment of alliances and partnerships across the world, Bokoko manages to connect companies with opinion leaders in the economic and social sphere and experts in the sector or platform providers in order to to promote the growth process and the visibility of companies on a global scale.

Mujer lder yemprendedora de referencia mundial, Bokoko ha obtenido significant reconocimientos y ha participado en los Programas de Mujeres de EMPRETEC, a programa de las Naciones Unidas que apoya a las empresarios prometedoras y fomentan la capacidad empresarial entre las mujeres de Amrica Latina, frica y Middle East.

An ardent defender of human rights

A graduate in law and international relations, Bisila Bokoko is a great defender of human rights and the restoration of international relations based on ethics and respect. On this basis, Bokoko runs the African Literacy Project ‘Bisila Bokoko’ (BBALP), an international non-profit organization whose mission is to promote literacy among African peoples through libraries.

In addition, she combines her professional work by giving lectures on the international positioning of companies, entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, diversity, personal brand and empathy.

About the HR Innovation Summit

ElHR Innovation Summits, the benchmark congress on HR and business innovation, is being held for the fourth year at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. It is organized by RRHHDigital and has a face to face format with different conferences, discussion tables and contributions from major speakers and national or international experts. In addition, the event includes two areas: the Fernando de Rojas theater, where most of the content takes place, and the experiential area, with corners created by and for the enjoyment of the participants.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in accordance with current health measures and protocols, this event will be limited to a maximum capacity of 300 participants in person, which makes this fourth edition of the HR Innovation Summit a very exclusive congress. Additionally, the conference will be televised and broadcast worldwide so that no one anywhere in the world misses a single detail of the most anticipated and disruptive event in business and HR.

A congress that counts, for another year, with EY as main sponsor, and the institutional support of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors. In addition, Aon, Cigna, Hastee, Personio and The Adecco Group participate as Gold Sponsors, and Nationale-Nederlanden and Soci only as Silver Sponsors.BMW Madrides is the official vehicle for an event that has also the collaboration of companies such as Vertis, Selecta, Frutality or Barn de Salamanca, among others, Coonices the event agency and Events the official technology supplier.

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