EOI and Cisco boost the employability of women

100 unemployed women will be able to access free training in digital technologies offered by the School of Industrial Organizations and Cisco Spain. Co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, they will be online and will mainly target long-term unemployed women across the country.

The collaboration agreement was signed today in Madrid with the participation of the Secretary General of Industry and SMEs of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Ral Blanco, the Director General of EOI, Nieves Olivera Prez-Frade, and Cisco Spain Managing Director Andreu Vilamitjana.

The courses aim to facilitate the employability of women by acquiring and / or updating ICT skills. EOI will be responsible for leading and administering the training cycle, while Cisco will contribute – through its not-for-profit Cisco Networking Academy (NetAcad) training program – to the content of the first phase of training and the following specialization courses.

Training and orientation

The training is part of the Cisco Digital Acceleration Program for Spain-Digitaliza- and Cisco NetAcad, which has already trained more than 300,000 Spanish students through its 390 academies. The first phase will include the networking basics course. The selected students will then be able to access three specializations: Cybersecurity, IT Technical Support and Network Programming, or others with similar characteristics depending on their profile.

The training cycle includes a specialized mentoring program, with 20 hours of individual tutoring for each of the students, which involves the development of a technical preliminary draft and the skills necessary for job search in the field of ICT. .

Online courses will last approximately 6 months. EOI makes the public announcement with the requirements through its website. All applicants must successfully complete the previous online training program (Networking Essentials, 15 teaching hours) before entering the selection for specializations. At the end of the course, EOI will issue a diploma certifying the participation of the students. Cisco NetAcad also offers a job board – Talent Bridge – with offers from Cisco and its partners.

As Ral Blanco, General Secretary for Industry and SMEs in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, points out, “facilitating the employability of the unemployed and disadvantaged groups by strengthening their skills is essential for Spain can reap the benefits of digital transformation. And public-private collaboration is a key mechanism to reduce the shortage of ICT professionals and promote the digitization of our SMEs in all sectors “

“It is necessary to move forward with stimulus measures which contribute to the consolidation, creation and improvement of employment and which promote hiring and entrepreneurship. EOI has a strong commitment to employability and gender inclusion in the digital sector, especially in the group of the long-term unemployed, and we are delighted to collaborate with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and with Cisco on this initiative. », Emphasizes Nieves Olivera Prez-Frade, Managing Director of EOI.

“The pandemic has underscored the relevance of digitization for our economy. Through the Digitaliza and NetAcad programs, we collaborate with partners and administrations to strengthen digital skills, with particular attention to groups such as women and the unemployed. Technology is the digital vaccine against the crisis, which will allow us to accelerate digitization and create a more inclusive future for all ”, concludes Andreu Vilamitjana, CEO of Cisco Spain.

Professional deficit and the gender gap

Reducing the shortage of professionals and the gender gap in the ICT sector are among the objectives of the agreement. According to the DESI report, Spain lags slightly behind the EU average in terms of the percentage of ICT specialists (3.2% vs. 3.9%). However, women in ICT only represent 1.1% of total female employment in Spain. And only 17% of Spanish women have graduated from STEM studies, compared to 30% of men.

In addition, it is estimated that there are currently 10,000 ICT jobs vacant in our country, and one in four companies has difficulty finding qualified personnel. The EOI training program includes labor market entry modules, in which Cisco collaborates.

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