EOI, in the top 3 of the most innovative educational institutions in Ibero-America


EOI, in the top 3 of the most innovative educational institutions in Ibero-America

The School of Industrial Organization was recognized, one more year, as one of the 10 most innovative educational institutions in Ibero-America, according to the ranking of innovation and avant-garde d ‘El Economista, in which she climbed five positions to third place.

BY RRHHDigital, 02:15 – 24 July 2021

In the second edition of the Innovation and Avant-garde ranking, which analyzed more than a hundred academic entities, “the digitization of these institutions and their capacity to adapt to the new reality” were taken into account.

The study’s indicators were based on points such as’ the innovation that universities have applied to their methodology, the use of cutting-edge learning tools, a curriculum focused on the industrial revolution 4 , a faculty that combines academics with experts knowing the business reality, the internationalization of the institution, the importance of the educational experience and the ability to network students. ”

Thus, the ranking valued the School of Industrial Organization (EOI) as a leading institution in technological training and one of the best to train its students to meet the challenges of the digital ecosystem, having Internet as a great ally.

EOI, the business school with the longest history in Spain and more than 142,000 alumni, has extensive experience in digital technologies. In 1997 it was the first center of its kind to offer online training, and in 2009 it pioneered the integration of the “mobile learning” methodology with mobile devices, which enabled EOI to adapt quickly to new scenarios and to reorganize its training offer for the circumstances of each moment.

This effort to adapt to digitization is one of the aspects most appreciated by El Economista, which, in its report, warns that university centers “must take the digitalization train to prepare the professionals who will perform their duties on a full-fledged labor market. different from a year ago. ”

Thanks to its trajectory and experience in the digital world, EOI has managed to adapt quickly to the new demands of the pandemic situation. Additionally, due to its strong commitment to the challenges of the future, especially sustainability and digitization, the School of Industrial Organization has launched the Green & Tech Talent program, with discounts of up to 30% across all its Master and Executive programs.

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