EOI promotes launch of Women 2030 Agenda in pursuit of digitization and sustainability

EOI promotes launch of Women 2030 Agenda in pursuit of digitization and sustainability

The School of Industrial Organization (EOI) wished to propose the Women 2030 program, the objective of which is to increase the employability and professional development of women, in the fields of digitization and sustainability, thus contributing to the empowerment of women both in the promotion of managerial positions and in the promotion of entrepreneurial initiative and self-employment.

This initiative, launched on the occasion of International Women’s Day, consists of a reduction of 35% for women on the tuition fees of the School’s programs. Through this action, EOI recognizes the need to reinvent business systems by locating talent and promoting diversity. In addition, this measure aims to reverse the negative effect detected during COVID-19 which resulted in a decrease in the number of women enrolled in executive programs compared to men.

The program consists of 60 places with a reduction of 35% on the total price of the training. A maximum of 4 of these scholarships will be awarded per academic program. The reduction can be applied to master’s programs (face-to-face or online) or executive programs with a start date between April 1, 2021 and January 30, 2022.

The scholarships will be awarded in order of a seat reservation until the total number of bonuses available for each program has been exhausted. For more information on the initiative, you can visit the EOI website or write to

The Women 2030 Agenda materializes EOI’s strong commitment to the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular in relation to SDG 5, dedicated to promoting gender equality and having an impact. indirect on SDG 8, based on decent work and economic growth.

In addition to ending the unfair treatment in the workplace that receives half of the population, made up of women, the School of Industrial Organization also recognizes the enormous need for their talent to successfully meet the challenges of economic transformations. and social in progress. they give globally. In fact, promoting the presence of women in organizations has a huge economic impact: the International Labor Organization believes that if Spain reaches the levels of inclusion of women in the labor market of the most advanced European countries , it would benefit up to 110,000 million euros by 2025, which represents 8% of GDP.

These data show that the lack of promotion and integration of the talent of women in the commercial fabric of the country generates great losses of opportunities for both women and organizations.

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