Epic Games Store begins supporting Windows apps.

Epic Games, the North American giant associated with Tencent, seems to want to extend its tentacles beyond the sector that catapulted it to success (video games). As reported by various media such as The Verge, Epic Games Store is starting to support classic Windows apps. Among these would be Brave, iHeartRadio, KenShape, and Krita.

Epic’s ambition and Microsoft’s response

Epic Games started this movement in December, when to everyone’s surprise, they included Spotify in their store. Today, the company is showing that it is completely serious in its intention to transcend the video game industry with its app store. Epic announced the availability of the aforementioned apps as well as the promise of other people to come as Discord.

So much so that the Epic Games Store now has a section dedicated to PC applications. Its ambition is explained by the failure of the Microsoft Store, a store that should have everything to be successful but which failed to convince developers or users. So much so that it recently emerged that Microsoft is working on a new Microsoft Store built from the ground up to provide a much more beautiful, smooth and stable experience and finally open its doors to all kinds of applications such as the Adobe suite, Discord, Chrome or Zoom.

Epic’s decision is very interesting but everything indicates that Microsoft acted just in time to counter it. Developers are receiving the news of the new Windows Store with great acceptance and, due to its position (pre-installed in the operating system), it looks like it will have everything to be the preferred choice of developers and users for distribute and obtain software respectively. .

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