Equality policies promote a good working environment

It is possible that when you read this you already know the 30 best companies in Spain with the best practices in diversity and inclusion according to the report Variable D’21. Factors such as diversity, inclusion, but above all equality, are concepts that are beginning to acquire the dimension they deserve in the area of ​​establishing a good working environment in companies and organizations. . This is inevitable when the focus is on the people who make up the work teams. The groups are diverse, multicultural, racial and multi-gender.

Equality policies, and not just wage regulation and other measures in this direction, are vital, for obvious reasons – the dissatisfaction of one of the most important segments that make up the working groups – to foster a climate correct. Workforce. The members of the work teams must feel, in addition to being safe, on an equal footing, not discriminated against by a factor such as gender. Team members will not create a supportive working environment if they feel different from their colleagues regardless of their working conditions, personal, ethnic or gender, among others.

Official measures

In this sense, it should be noted that the government has recently approved measures to ensure equality between women and men in the workplace.

On October 13, 2020, the Council of Ministers approved two royal decrees resulting from the Agreement for “effective equality between women and men at work”, concluded last July after a long process of dialogue with social workers. In this way, the regulations of the pay and equality plan for equality, adopted in the framework of social dialogue, adopt the status of law.

Equal salary

The equal pay regulation establishes for all companies with more than 50 employees the obligation to have a pay register to warn in case of over-evaluation or under-evaluation of the position according to sex. Companies will have to diagnose the compensation situation, but also develop an action plan to correct the discrepancies and prevent them.

In addition, the law provides that “the regulations establish that collective bargaining boards must ensure that the criteria for an adequate job evaluation are met”.

Equality plans

Companies must have effective and specific equality plans which “focus on diagnosis with real effects and without reproducing gender stereotypes”.

The decree announces that “the negotiated character that equality plans must have will be reinforced, if legitimation rules are established and the negotiation procedure is clarified, in particular in companies which do not have legal representatives”.

As we said at the start, you are probably already familiar with the companies with the best practices in diversity and inclusion. We have to consider that rewarding and recognizing this type of action – which is great for encouraging this type of practice – is a clear symptom that equality policies are not, yet a generalized issue, it is the same reason for which they are. they must apply the laws and official plans of the government.

The importance that a company may have in implementing actions aimed at avoiding discrimination between its workers on the basis of sex, as well as the laws implemented by the government to guarantee equal opportunities, is a pledge of quality and improvement of the working environment. What makes companies and organizations more profitable entities.

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