ERC and CUP reach a preliminary agreement to invest Pere Aragonès as President of the Generalitat

Publication: Sunday March 21 2021 20:28

Father Aragonès is closer to being invested as the new president of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The ERC and CUP negotiating teams are finalizing a preliminary agreement for the investiture in which they define the social and national axes for the next legislature.

The CUP asked for a vote for Wednesday, March 24 and that this preliminary agreement be ratified by its activists. It will be Thursday, March 25, when the results are known.

With this agreement, Aragonès could appear at the nomination debate next Friday, counting on 42 of the 68 votes he would need to be invested in the presidency. It remains to be seen what position the JxCAT adopts, which has the 32 seats that would give this absolute majority of the independence movement in the Parliament of Catalonia.

They also add one more voice than those of the PSOE and the commons, which would force Laura Borrás to appoint Aragonès as President of the Generalitat.

The parties specify that their pre-agreement contains commitments on “emergency housing”, the strengthening of primary care and are studying the use of “foam” projectiles of the Mossos d’Esquadra, which they will ask to publish the protocols that govern their. use.

Asked about her future election of the candidate for Generalitat, the president of the Catalan Parliament, Laura Borrás, avoided giving answers during the gala of the Gaudí Awards: “We are for the cinema”.

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