ERC announces prior agreement with government to support budgets

Posted: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 4:29 PM

ERC has entered into a preliminary agreement with the government to support general state budgets. According to the leader of the formation for independence, Gabriel Rufián, it is not yet a closed agreement, since it must be ratified by the internal organs of the party.

If the support of the Catalan formation for the general budgets of the State is confirmed, the government would already have the necessary support to be able to carry out the new accounts, with the votes in favor of the PSOE, Podemos, PNV, Bildu and ERC.

According to the formation led by Rufián, the preliminary agreement was produced after the negotiation of four fundamental points, among which would be the end of the financial control of the State in the Generalitat.

The second is the extension of the moratorium on payments from the self-employed to Social Security until March 2021, while the third premise is based on the creation of a bilateral committee for a fair tax reform which imposes a tax on large fortunes. and the last point would be based on the settlement of the education debt with the Generalitat on stock exchanges since 2005.

The announcement of the ERC comes after Tuesday, the parliamentary spokesperson of the PNV, Aitor Esteban, confirmed the yes of the nationalists to the general budgets of the State.

With the support of the Basque nationalists, the government had already added 166 supporters, in the absence of 10 to reach the majority that would allow its approval in Congress. Now, after adding CER support, the executive would exceed 176.

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