ERC insists on governing alone in Catalonia and calls on the separatists to support the investiture of Aragonès

Publication: Saturday May 15, 2021 2:47 PM

There are only 11 days until the inauguration of the next president of Catalonia, but the separatist formations have not yet succeeded in concluding a pact which allows them to form a government and avoid the electoral repetition of July 19.

Esquerra Republicana called on the independence parties, in particular Junts per Catalunya, to support the investiture of Father Aragonès because “it is already necessary to have a government” and they completely exclude the possibility of new elections.

This was stated by MP Marta Vilalta, who also defended that the objective of her party is “to be able to achieve a republic for all” but that there must be a government as soon as possible. “While we are working on it, we cannot and do not want to give up any instrument that allows us to help the people of this country,” he said.

ERC insists on government alone, calls on separatists to strike deal next week

In addition, Vilalta wanted to remind the rest of the parties which defend the independence slogans that their formation “has always been”: “We did it with the investiture of Artur Mas, Carles Puigdemont and Quim Torra”. For this reason, he called for a deal next week.

According to him, the candidate of Esquerra should govern “alone, but with the open door”. A proposal which, he says, “Junts also offered.” However, he urged the rest of the leaders to “make whatever proposals they have” to avoid election rehearsal at all costs.

What they have once again ruled out is any negotiation with the Catalan socialists insisting that “they do not share any country”. For the Republicans, the agreement must be “with the sovereign forces and the commons, if the latter want to join.”

Illa recalls that the ERC “vetoed the CPS” at Colau’s request to sit down and talk to Aragonès

Precisely, Ada Colau believes that the ERC should move away from Junts “because this formula has already failed” and “this is the problem, not the solution”. Thus, he ensured that his party “had its hand extended” to Aragonès in case it decided to “form an alternative majority”.

In this sense, the mayor of Barcelona indicated in an interview on ‘Catalunya Radio’ that Salvador Illa and the candidate ERC should sit down to talk about possible pacts to face “a new stage” because, in his opinion, “the only red line is a new election. “

Faced with these statements, the CPS candidate “reminded him” that the Aragonès vetoed his party from the start, “something new in Europe”. “The CPS is a social democratic party and this veto was signed, among others, by ERC.” Thus things, made sure that it is the formation for independence the one that does not want to speak with the Catalan socialists, and not the other way around.

For the moment, no agreement seems to have been reached. While this is true, last Wednesday the ERC, JxCAT and CUP pledged to try to reconcile positions and facilitate governance in Catalonia.

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