ERC puts presidency negotiations on track in Catalonia but does not specify date of inauguration

Publication: Monday, February 22, 2021 2:28 PM

The investiture negotiations in Catalonia continue to advance in two ways. While the PSC is negotiating with the commons to attempt the investiture of Salvador Illa, Esquerra Republicana is negotiating with Junts per Catalunya and the CUP to make Father Aragon├Ęs the president.

Despite the insistence of the Catalan socialists that their candidate accede to the presidency, everything indicates that it will be the Republicans who will succeed in forming a government with the support of the JxCAT and the CUP.

According to MP Marta Vilalta, “the meetings are going well and the contacts are positive”. Yes, he admitted that he does not know how they will arrive at the investiture, although they wish that “the agreement is imminent” and that a government is formed in the Generalitat.

Asked about the PSC’s veto, she said that this negotiation “is impossible” because they do not share “anything in the political project”. “We would like the PSC to be here, because there would be amnesty and we would not have prisoners, but it is not there,” he said in this regard.

The Republican leader also spoke about the CUP request, which was requested by the Home Office. “It is not a question of who occupies what and what responsibility each will have, but rather it is a broad agreement and a government of consensus,” he said.

Meanwhile, Catalan socialists continue to insist that Salvador Illa preside over Catalonia because he “won the elections”. In this sense, Eva Granados, deputy secretary of the PSC, explained that they will meet again this Wednesday to continue moving towards an agreement.

From Junts per Catalunya they also talked about the negotiations in Catalan politics. Elsa Artadi made it clear that the “unilateral declaration of independence” was her intention and indicated that her party is awaiting the Republicans’ proposal to decide “what are the next steps”.

In the laSexta Pactometer, which we show you on these lines, you can check what are the possible agreements to form an executive in Catalonia.

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