ERC will support JxCat’s candidacy for President of Parliament

Publication: Thursday, March 11, 2021 5:37 PM

ERC will support JxCat’s candidacy for the presidency of the Parliament of Catalonia tomorrow, Friday. This was confirmed by the Republicans in a statement, in which they assure that they will hold one of the vice-presidencies.

“The republican Esquerra confirms that the independence majority of the 14F will pass to the parliamentary table”, affirms the formation led by Oriol Junqueras.

Thus, the agreement to support post-convergents paves the way for the constitution of a new independent government, this time chaired by ERC.

In addition, as a novelty, the CUP – which aspired to assume the presidency – will for the first time have representation at the Table, with a secretariat.

“Esquerra Republicana celebrates this first step and insists that work will continue in the coming days to reach a global agreement that gives maximum stability and strength to both government and parliament,” say the Republicans.

In recent weeks, the possibility of the CUP presiding over the House had been considered, as a quid pro quo for enabling a coalition government of ERC and JxCat.

JxCat planned to present Laura BorrĂ s, his candidate for the Generalitat, as head of the legislature, an idea that does not please the “cupaires”.

The PSC, which won the elections, will present its MP Eva Granados for the presidency.

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