Ergonomic dosing at work against absenteeism at work in one-minute sessions

Ergonomic dosing at work against absenteeism at work in one-minute sessions

Sickness leaves due to the lack of good ergonomics and postural hygiene at work, represent a significant economic cost for companies. About a third of absenteeism at work is due to this fact, resulting in a greater expense than solving this problem with ergonomic solutions.

And it is that, the functions at work of three to four people in the country are sedentary, sitting or in the same standing position, during the whole working day at the workplace or telecommuting. Improve posture, teach employees to develop good postural habits, halved the number of injuries.

WellWo provides companies with doses of ergonomics and postural hygiene, from physiotherapists and professionals in the sciences of physical activity and sport, in video format. The professionals offer tools, explained step by step and with visual indications, for employees to learn to improve posture and thus prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Sessions last approximately one minute. As it does not take a lot of time, it is a practice that employees can assume on a daily basis and thus help to create a habit that improves their health in the short and long term. Exercises to treat the most common diseases related to poor postural hygiene at work: back, elbow, wrist, shoulder and neck problems, in most cases.

The health and well-being at work platform, in addition to these ergonomic and postural hygiene capsules, offers 45-minute courses called “Healthy back”, to be carried out in its live and / or deferred online format. The physiotherapist develops different specific sessions, with exercises to take care of the back and trunk. These sessions can be performed comfortably from any location and device, to support everyday ergonomic work.

Integrating simple and useful prevention tools for the good body posture of workers is to bet on a reduction in absenteeism and ailments. This translates into healthier employees and reduced sick leave spending for businesses.

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