EROSKI’s Cntimos Solidarios supports the vaccination of children

EROSKI has launched, within the framework of its Cntimos Solidarios program, a new cause of solidarity collaboration in favor of UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders and UNHCR in their vaccination actions for children in developing countries. This campaign, which will run until January 27, aims to raise funds to immunize more than 40,000 boys and girls against diseases such as measles, polio or cholera in various developing countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the fields of eastern Chad.

“EROSKI Client-Partners is convinced that solidarity must cross borders and our campaigns therefore also focus on the needs of those who are further away. As this year begins, vaccination against COVID-19 will be one of the greatest concerns of our society, but we must not forget the need for vaccination in other parts of the world. 30% of deaths of children under 5 are due to diseases that vaccines can prevent. For this reason, the new cause that we will be supporting with our Cntimos Solidarios program is to help immunize children in developing countries ”, explained Alejandro Martnez Berriochoa, Director of Health and Sustainable Development at EROSKI.

“Our work is possible thanks to the support of individuals, public administrations, private organizations and businesses, like EROSKI, who have collaborated since 2002 in our work to save and protect millions of boys and girls around the world. and has already contributed more than one million euros to UNICEF. The COVID-19 crisis has caused the cessation of massive vaccination campaigns among the most vulnerable populations in developing countries. This increased the number of unvaccinated boys and girls, which in 2019 exceeded 14 million. With this EROSKI campaign, we will be able to extend our vaccination campaigns in the countries that need it the most, ”said the president of UNICEF, the Basque Country Committee, Isidro Elezgarai.

“Vaccination is an extremely effective and affordable tool for reducing child mortality in countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Having the support of EROSKI and all of its customers is vital in this difficult time. This new solidarity action with EROSKI joins the many that we have carried out together during these more than 18 years of collaboration ”, commented Patricia Garca Peinado, head of strategic collaborations at Médecins sans frontières.

“For our organization, it is essential to have the collaboration of companies like EROSKI, aware of the harsh reality experienced by millions of people on our planet, committed to the search for solidarity solutions and which allow the development of projects that benefit. thousands of refugees and displaced people around the world. This year, thanks to this solidarity campaign, we will vaccinate more than 19,000 Sudanese refugees under the age of five from refugee camps in eastern Chad ”, said the President of the Spanish UNHCR Committee, Jos Mara Gil-Robles Casanueva.

Cntimos Solidarios, support for various social causes

EROSKI will launch its permanent Cntimos Solidarios program on November 5 and has allocated the proceeds so far to food banks, which will provide food items to families in vulnerable situations.

EROSKI customers can make a small donation to the ongoing charity at any time when paying for their purchase by card or mobile. The contribution, always voluntary and confidential, is a small symbolic amount of 10 cents for purchases between 5 and 30 euros, and 20 cents for purchases over 30 euros.

The solidarity organizations receiving these grants change periodically and their choice responds to existing social needs at any time and to concerns communicated by more than 3,500 Client-Members. Among them, throughout 2021, there will be entities working for children, people at risk of social exclusion, the fight against cancer, people with disabilities or rare diseases and the environment.

“The Cntimos Solidarios program is a very effective tool for our clients to channel their commitment to different social causes in a simple way. It is a permanent program through which we will support different entities, from different spheres, always with the common denominator of helping the most needy groups ”, declared the Director of Health and Sustainable Development of EROSKI.

Since its creation, EROSKI has carried out multiple social action actions, mainly related to the promotion of healthy lifestyles, consumer training, protection of the environment and solidarity. In 2020, EROSKI donated more than 3.2 million euros in food, basic necessities or financial contributions to various social entities. These donations are in addition to the more than 2.5 million euros provided by its customers in a year marked by the social crisis caused by COVID-19.

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