ERTE extension meeting ends without agreement on social security exemptions

The meeting held on Monday between the government, employers and unions to extend the ERTE beyond the summer – until September 30 – ended without a deal.

As LaSexta learned, social security contribution exemptions remain a stumbling block in reaching a consensus with social agents on the issues of regulation of temporary work, without either party having given in at this stage to the moment.

Thus, it is not clear that the new extension of the ERTE could go to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, even if the sources consulted by LaSexta stress that new communications are not excluded throughout the night to do so. .

That’s a week before the current extension expires on May 31. Sources from the Labor Ministry point out that their part of the deal is closed, while the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration remains firm in its stance on exemptions.

In this regard, the disagreement relates to the proposal of the department headed by José Luis Escrivá to reduce the amount of exemptions in the case of workers who remain at ERTE and to increase them for those who resume the activity. Social workers, for their part, demand that they remain as they were until now.

In any case, if there is no agreement in the next few hours, in time for the Ordinary Council tomorrow, it is always possible that the executive will convene an extraordinary Council of Ministers before next Monday, in order to continue negotiations and speed up the deadline.

According to the latest data provided by Minister Escrivá himself, on May 17 there were still 580,000 people at ERTE in Spain, almost 19,000 less than on May 11, when there were 598. 729.

A figure that has fallen since the peak of the third wave, when the ERTEs covered nearly 980,000 employees. Compared to the maximum during the pandemic, reached in April 2020, ERTE’s workforce has been reduced by just over three million people.

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