ESA scientists uncover the secrets of the mysterious sinuous cloud of Mars emerging from the Arsia Mons volcano: a serpia cloud 1,800 km long floats in the sky of Mars, the curtain rises

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About 1800 km long, a spiral shaped cloud floats in the sky of Mars, this cloud has been a great mystery for many years and now new information has been revealed in this study, this huge cloud that was seen at above the Arcea Mons volcano.
About 1,800 km long, a gruff-shaped cloud floats in the sky of Mars, the neighboring planet of Earth. This cloud has been a big secret to scientists for many years. In 2018, when it appeared, a discussion started on social media about a massive volcanic eruption on Mars. However, this turned out to be a deception of the eyes. In the study, this huge cloud came out which was seen above the Arsia Mons volcano.

Today, scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) have discovered a lot of new information about his disappearance and disappearance. According to the Senate report, the researchers used “The Mars Webcam” to trace the life cycle of the mysterious clouds on Mars. The study was difficult because of the transient clouds and the orbit around Mars.
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Clouds can reach around 1800 km
The camera mounted on this vehicle is quite old but gives an image of a very large area. Due to this feature of this camera, it was applied to study the clouds of Mars. Augustine Sanchez Lavaga, co-author of this research, said: “Many orbiters on Mars cannot study this part of the surface until noon, due to their orbit. This is therefore the first detailed research on the unique clouds of Mars.

This cloud begins to form during the spring season of March and can be up to 1,800 km long. The European Space Agency said it was the largest mountain cloud seen on Mars. This means that it is formed when winds on a planet’s surface are pressurized to move upward due to land forms such as mountains or volcanoes.

Clouds turn to vapor due to the high heat of the day
These Mars clouds develop every day which start before sunrise and spread very quickly outside the Arsia mon volcanic area. However, later these clouds turn to vapor due to the high heat of the day. Scientists have said that even on Earth, clouds appear because of the topography, but they are not as long as they are on Mars.

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