Escrivá announces that companies will be able to vaccinate their workers but not buy doses on their own

Updated: Monday, April 19, 2021 10:45 a.m.

Posted: 04/19/2021 10:44 AM

The government is opposed to companies being able to participate in the purchase of coronavirus vaccines to vaccinate their workers. What they will allow is that the mutuals inoculate the relevant doses to the workers.

This was transferred by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, who made it clear that the purchase will continue to be done centrally because the model is working well and is not the item to be discussed. “

It thus responds to Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s request that companies be able to buy doses to immunize their workers against the coronavirus. Escrivá assures that this will not be authorized, but the mutuals will be able to use their health personnel and their infrastructures to vaccinate.

“We are talking with Health and the CEOE and we will sign an agreement for that possibility to exist. If they wish, they can use their capacities and their staff to vaccinate,” he said in statements to ‘ Public Mirror ‘.

In this way, the Government will continue to be in charge of the purchase of the doses and their distribution by the autonomous communities, but these will be able to decide according to their situation and their capacities if they turn to the companies to accelerate. the vaccination plan.

Likewise, the head of social security accused the president of Madrid of being “irresponsible and of uncertainty in the population” by ensuring that there are not enough vaccines. Something which, according to Escriva, “is not like that because the process is working.” In this sense, he indicated that the objective of having “20% of vaccinated in April and 70% in summer will be reached”.

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