Escrivá proposes to fight against child poverty with a minimum income supplement that would benefit 500,000 children

Update: Thursday 03 June 2021 21:15

Published: 06/03/2021 9:14 PM

The government intends to “take advantage of” the treatment of minimum living income (IMV) as law – it is currently in the Congress of Deputies – to make certain changes to the said standard “; among them, the creation of a supplement to the GMI for people living in poverty and having children, a measure that would benefit families who already benefit from this benefit, as well as those who are at the established income threshold to receive it.

This was emphasized by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, who, during a visit to the “Save the Children” center in Vallecas (Madrid), explained that the plan of his department is to generate a supplement which could 50 euros per child in the aforementioned cases, even if it is a figure still being “calibrated” within the ministry itself to know “how far “it can go in terms of income and family assets.

According to initial estimates from Escrivá, this supplement would eventually benefit some 500,000 children across Spain “in the short term”. The objective, according to the minister, is that this aid is not only applied in situations of “great poverty”, but that it is also used for minors in contexts of “moderate poverty”. In this sense, it considers that this service falls within the “philosophy” of the Minimum Vital Income given that this initiative “has a much greater redistributive capacity than the pre-existing services”.

As such, he underlined, it “fits” in the Recovery and Resilience Plan to configure “a new welfare state within the non-contributory part”. Regarding their meeting at the “Save The Children” center, Escrivá explained that they raised their issues regarding access to IMV for some people with the children and families they work with and also discussed the recovery and resilience plan in terms of inclusion plans. .

“They have a very interesting orientation in terms of evaluation in the world of inclusion,” said the minister, who stressed that the NGO explained to him what works best for the inclusion of children and their children. parents in society. In this sense, he assured that his department and the entity will be able to collaborate in the future within the framework of European funds for the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

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