ESHS and Aprende Institute sign international agreement

The Escuela Superior de Hostelera de Sevilla (ESHS), belonging to the Lezama group, and the Aprende Institute sign a collaboration agreement with the aim of extending the Spanish gastronomic culture in Las Amricas. The new partner of ESHS is the leading platform for distance education. It has a portfolio of more than 20,000 students and has five schools: International gastronomy, Entrepreneurship school, Well-being school, Trades school and Beauty school.

With this agreement, Aprende Institute promotes Spanish gastronomic culture, because its objective is twofold. On the one hand, Gastronomic Diplomas will obtain certifications and evaluations from ESHS, and on the other hand, they will have access to content, webinars, Smart Talks, teachers and employment opportunities in hotels. and European restaurants.

Thanks to this new alliance, students from both institutions will be able to broaden their knowledge through sessions led by prestigious professionals from Spain and which were exclusively intended for ESHS students in the fields of hotel management, hotel management, catering, pastry and gastronomy services.

It is important to note that for the students of both institutions, this represents the opportunity to widen the contacts and the professional network thanks to the more than 5000 ESHS graduates who currently work in the world and to the nearly 20,000 students of the Institute. from Aprende. scattered around Las Amricas.

For Iaki Echeveste, director of ESHS, “We must think about the future and what will come after this crisis, it is time to forge alliances that promote the professionalization of the sector and to report on the research of a better future” .

For his part, chef Alejandro Rodrguez, former student of ESHS and academic director of the Aprende Institute, underlines that “for the students of the platform, the double degree will broaden the recognition of their academic trajectory and enrich their professional career. . This could translate into more clients for your businesses or stand out in hotel and gastronomic institutions. The best of America and Spain are reflected in “their spoons”.

The Escuela Superior de Hostelera de Sevilla, of the Lezama group, was founded over 26 years ago, by the hand of Luis de Lezama. Some of the most renowned professionals in the Spanish hospitality industry have been trained in its classrooms, and at present more than 450 students are enrolled in the center, coming from half of the world. It is considered by experts as one of the most prestigious centers in terms of training hospitality professionals and senior executives in the tourism sector, and was voted best hotel school in Europe by Eurhodip, the Association international hospitality and tourism schools, the years 2000, 2005 and 2017. Currently, ESHS is developing various programs with the Adelaide Institute of Hospitality of Australia and with the Russian International Academy for Tourism, which will soon be translated

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