Esperanza Aguirre and her husband sold a Goya for five million euros without declaring it to be of cultural interest

Publication: Sunday, April 18, 2021 2:44 PM

Esperanza Aguirre, former president of the Community of Madrid, and her husband sold a work by Goya for five million euros without declaring it to be of cultural interest, according to ‘’. With this, the marriage would have saved the payment of taxes for the sale of the painting.

The man who appears in Goya’s painting is Valentín Belvís de Moncada y Pizarro, Marquis of Villanueva del Duero, Lieutenant General of the Army of Carlos IV and Grand of Spain and is an ancestor of the husband of the former President of Madrid of the People’s Party. .

It was the diplomat and playwright Íñigo Ramírez de Haro, brother-in-law of Esperanza Aguirre, who denounced the couple for the sale of this painting. In the trial, Ramírez de Haro accuses Aguirre and her husband of fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and embezzlement.

Aguirre and her husband sold the unseen Goya in 2012, when she chaired the Community of Madrid and was competent to protect the painting as an asset of cultural interest. However, he did not. The Spanish law on historical heritage obliges administrations to protect as goods of cultural interest works that are part of the historical heritage of our country, as is the case in this table.

For his part, the leader of Más País, Iñigo Errejón, accused Aguirre in the first act of the Más Madrid campaign: “The Marquise has been kept all our life, who deceived us with a painting by Goya, which she owned. sold tax free, “he said.

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