Esperanza Aguirre took “hand in hand” “the envelope”, according to Bárcenas

Publication: Wednesday March 3, 2021 9:05 PM

Luis Bárcenas, ex-treasurer of the PP, declared in front of the judge that Esperanza Aguirre took “hand in hand” the “small envelope” with irregular money. This statement appears in the letter that Esperanza Aguirre addressed to Judge Manuel García-Castellón – in charge of the investigation into the Púnica – in which his defense highlights “the generalities, inconsistencies and lies” in Luis Bárcenas’ statement before the National Court.

In this text, to which laSexta had access, literal fragments of the explanations of the ex-treasurer of the Popular Party are included, among which it is detailed how the former head of the PP of Madrid operated. “He takes the amount, he gives it to us, I take an envelope, with which we usually distribute the envelopes, I put the amount and in this envelope, which is a brown envelope, it is delivered in hand-to-hand directly to Esperanza Aguirre, ”he said. Bárcenas before the judge.

Thus, Bárcenas assured that he had intervened directly in this remittance of money, but also indicated that he did not know how much money was in the envelope. “The money of a donor is never counted and less in front of the donor, it is a lack of delicacy”, he declared when questioned by the magistrate.

However, after his appearance before García-Castellón, it was learned that the former treasurer explained that in 2007, together with the late Álvaro Lapuerta, he handed over an envelope of 60,000 euros from the builder Luis Gálvez (president of the company Ploder) to Esperanza. Aguirre, an operation that took place in the very office that the former president of the Community of Madrid headed in Genoa. In addition, he estimated irregular cash inflows at € 400,000 per campaign, with donations always being made in cash by entrepreneurs.

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