Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed: Ethiopia: Prime Minister Abi Ahmed orders final action against TPLF to army – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on army to take final offensive against Tigrayan leadership

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed on Thursday ordered the army to take action against the Tigrayan rebel leaders. The prime minister said the deadline for surrender was over and called on the military to take action in the capital Mikkale. Abi, who won the Nobel Peace Prize last year, gave the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tigray (TPLF) 72 hours to give up arms.

Thousands of displaced people, a large number of dead
Abi’s ultimatum was rejected by the region’s Tigrayan leaders. There was a feud with the country’s military for almost three weeks, as a result of which over 40,000 people were displaced and several hundred people died. The Ethiopian military recently said it was moving rifles towards Mikkale. He was responsible for carrying out the third and final phase.

Accuse yourself
The Addis Ababa government and the TPLF have accused each other of having sparked an argument, and Prime Minister Abi claimed that army officers were brutally murdered. On the other hand, Tigrayan leader Debretsian Gebremikal said that Ethiopian special forces and neighboring Eritrean troops jointly carried out the attack. Abi struck a peace deal with Eritrea for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize last year and has become close to President Isaiyas Afwerki.

Why the controversy started
Prime Minister Abi says the TPLF crossed the line by holding regional elections in September. The government did not allow these elections and the Prosperity Party was unable to run. At the same time, the TPLF claims that the elections had already been decided but were postponed due to Kovid and that the government’s term ended without setting the date for the elections. The organization claims that only the regional government is formed on the basis of the opinion of the people.

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