Ethiopia tabby rape UN: Men forced to rape with family members in Ethiopia: United Nations – UN report, Ethiopian tabby men forced to rape family members

Tigray (Ethiopia)
The United Nations said Thursday that more than 500 cases of rape have been reported in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. This warning from the United Nations is important because rape is considered a stigma in this area and the lack of health structures. It is believed that the rape cases are more than the UN statement. There are only 516 cases of rape in 5 medical centers.

Wafa, a United Nations representative in Ethiopia, said: “Women say gunmen raped them.” They are forced to rape gang members and their own family members by threatening to rape and kill people in front of their family members. Wafa said 516 rape cases involve 5 medical centers.

Wafa said most health centers were not functioning and stigma was associated with rape. The actual incidence of rape is much higher. On Monday, a dozen officers called Tigre to stop the indiscriminate and aimless attack. He specifically called for the prevention of rape and horrific sexual violence. Let’s say there is a war in November in Tigre between government forces and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tigre, the first ruling party in the region.

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