Etna volcano: Etna volcano in Italy spits ash and lava: lava and fire from Etna volcano, Italy

For thousands of years, the Mount Etna volcano erupted again. Its fire made the sky red and lava flowed in the distance and ashes spread everywhere. The Italian authority had to issue an opinion on the ashes. In the photographs and videos of the incident, the smoke emanating from this volcano shows its severity. For now, no one is afraid of danger because of this.

Scary and charming!

A few days ago, Reuters shared a video in which the fire emanating from a volcano on Mount Etna was devastating at night. Its thunder seemed very frightening in the stillness of the night. Etna continued to explode continuously due to several earthquakes. One of its craters is completely broken and has been torn in half. The relief is that the lava is flowing in a place where there is no population. For this reason, there is no danger to anyone.

Volcano erupting “ fireworks ”

Etna is an active volcano located on the coast of Sicily. It was first torn apart in 6000 BC. It has been burning for thousands of years and has become the most active volcano in Europe. Even today, it has become a center of attraction for tourists. The reddish-red lava coming out of it is very attractive to see in the darkness of the night for which people come from afar. Even the latest images shared on social media are described as “fireworks”.

Torn in two

Debris that accumulates after the eruption of the volcano increases the height of Mount Etna and decreases with the subsidence of the crater rim. He is said to have reduced his height by 170 feet. In recent decades, he has been more active than before. The peculiarity is that its lava flows slowly. In 1971, due to its explosion, many villages were threatened. Many orchards and vineyards were turned to cinders and cinders and the heat scorched the crops.

Flowing lava

Volcanoes in Italy are formed by Eurasian and African tectonic plates. The two meet a short distance to the south, which makes the Italian volcanoes quite active. The peculiarity is that the active volcanoes of Europe are only found in Italy. These are caused by the compression and thawing of one plate under the other. Besides Etna, Vesuvius and Strombally are also famous.

The lava coming out of Etna …

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