EU agrees to limit CO2 emissions by at least 55% in ten years and Sánchez says Spain is ready


Updated: Friday, December 11, 2020 1:06 PM

Published on: 12.11.2020 12:56

The European Council agreed on Thursday to limit greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% until 2030, a margin higher than the 40% compared to 1990 which had been previously set. The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, signed the agreement and assured that the country was ready to take up the “enormous” and “extraordinary” challenge.

European countries needed a sleepless night to end a problem that was not to be so thorny. Poland and other eastern countries have shown their reluctance to increase CO2 emission limits and it was only this morning that the agreement was reached.

“The European Council sets a binding target for the EU of a net reduction of at least 55% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990”, reads the document approved by all. the partners.

This percentage represents an intermediate point with the climate neutrality that the European Commission wishes to achieve in 2050.

In order to overcome the resistance of the countries of the East, with strong industrial power and highly dependent on fossil fuels, the document establishes that the objective is for the whole Union and that the “different starting points” of each country will be taken into account. countries, which will be free to choose the energies and technologies to be used to achieve the objective.

Sánchez celebrates the pact

President Sánchez celebrated the content of the pact and showed his optimism in the face of the challenge launched by the European Union, to which other geostrategic actors such as the United States or China had taken the lead in their climate commitments.

Thus, the chief executive assured that “the pandemic has accelerated the transitions that we already saw coming”, in particular the ecological one, which was already part of the program of the coalition government.

“Europe cannot be left behind. We have lost many positions in the revolutions and transitions that will mark the 21st century: the digital transition, 5G … We have a great opportunity right now”, a he stressed.

Sánchez spoke out in favor of accelerating emission reduction targets, because if so, so-called climate neutrality will not be achieved in 2050. He even insisted that “at least” means that emissions can be reduced beyond 55%.

“This not only acts in the interest of our economy of our industry, but also connects, if we make an ecological transition approach, with the values ​​that Europe represents”, said the president, citing the intergenerational solidarity and sustainable employment.

Sánchez cited the post-COVID stimulus fund, the Next Generation EU, of which Spain will receive 140,000 million euros, half of which will be non-repayable grants. According to the president, 30% of the design of the Spanish plan is linked to green investments.

“We are ready to approach this enormous effort with success and guarantees,” he concluded.

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