Eurofighter Typhoon: Britain to deploy RAF fighter jets to Romania amid Russia Ukraine Tension: Russia to deploy British Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets to Romania amid Ukrainian tensions

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Russia will also deploy fighter jets to Romania amid growing controversy in Ukraine. 6 British Air Force fighter jets will soon be deployed to Romania, British soldiers will fly to Kiev to maneuver with the Ukraine in flight, climbing with Russia.
Britain has also jumped amid lingering tensions in Russia and Ukraine. The British Royal Air Force plans to deploy its most advanced Typhoon fighter jet in Romania. The British Army chief said the planes will monitor the skies near the Black Sea. Explain that Britain already has a military base in Romania. It is from here that British fighter jets and drones fly and conduct operations against ISIS in Syria.

The British typhoon will be stationed in Romania
The British Air Force has reported that these Typhoon fighters will be assisted by soldiers from Expeditionary Logistics Squadron No.1 and 2nd Mechanical Transport Squadron. They will be withdrawn from various British air bases this week and deployed to Romania. Britain described it as a regular deployment, although experts described it as a step taken in response to increasingly aggressive Russian policies.

100 British soldiers to maneuver with Ukraine
The UK Ministry of Defense has said the deployment of Typhoon fighter jets is part of Operation Biloxi, a NATO air policing mission that takes place annually. This year, more than 100 members of the British Army will travel to Kiev to conduct joint exercises with Ukraine during the summer season. The Defense Ministry said Operation Biloxi was part of the support for NATO’s Southern Air Policing Mission to monitor the airspace of our allied countries.

Ukrainian President awaiting talks with Putin
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalensky said last night that they are still awaiting talks with Putin. Zalensky made this request for a conversation 3 weeks ago after four of his soldiers were killed in a Russian army mortar attack. A spokesperson for the President of Ukraine said that we are optimistic that Putin will not refuse to negotiate.

World is watching video of Russian army tanks moving towards Ukraine, threat of war rages on
Russia has deployed 80,000 troops to the Ukrainian border
The Ukrainian government claimed that Russia had deployed 41,000 troops on the eastern border and 42,000 in Crimea. Since then, Ukraine has also increased the number of troops in its advanced areas. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalensky himself encouraged the soldiers by visiting the border area. However, the Kremlin claimed that the deployment of troops was part of a maneuver. There is no threat to anyone.

Russia conquered Ukrainian Crimea in 2014
In 2014, 14,000 people died in the conflict that took place during the Russian occupation of eastern Ukraine (Crimea). Most of them were residents of Ukraine. Russia is also deploying 28,000 armed people in parts of eastern Ukraine. These people are known as Donbass. These people have been waging an armed war against the Ukrainian government since 2015.

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