Europe flood update: Floods in Europe: death toll rises to over 120, flood death toll in Europe rises to over 120 relief continues

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Heavy rains wreak havoc in Europe, more than 120 dead so far Call of the German President – people help each other, many lives lost due to landslides, 1,300 people fear they will be lost
More than 120 people have been killed in devastating floods in many parts of West Germany and Belgium. Officials said search and rescue operations were underway for hundreds of people who were missing or threatened. In the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, 60 people died, 12 of them living in a shelter for disabled people in Sinzig. The death toll in the neighboring state of North Rhine-Westphalia is 43. It has also been warned that the death toll could rise.

German President said – people help each other
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said he was “shocked” by the devastation caused by the floods. He urged the people to help the families of the dead and the towns and villages that have suffered significant damage in this calamity. In a statement released Friday afternoon, Steinmeier said: “In these difficult times, our country stands together.” It is important that we stand in solidarity with the people who have been swept away by the floods.

Heavy rains in Europe in 100 years, 55 people killed so far, 1,300 missing in Germany
Many people lost their lives due to the landslide
Rescuers were trying to rescue people trapped inside their homes in the town of Eftsdeut, southwest of Cologne on Friday. Regional officials said several people were killed in collapsing houses caused by shoveling the ground when the ground beneath them suddenly collapsed. “We were able to get 50 people out of their homes last night,” he said. said county administration chief Frank Rock. We know 15 people who have yet to be saved. Speaking to German broadcaster N-TV, Rock said authorities did not yet have an exact figure on the number of people who died. “It must be recognized that in these circumstances some people could not escape,” he said.

1,300 people fear they will be missing
Officials said Thursday evening that some 1,300 people were still missing in Germany, although they warned the higher number could be due to duplication of numbers and difficulties in contacting people due to broken roads and telephone connections. Officials say efforts are being made to contact these people. Belgium has the highest death toll after 100 people lost their lives in Germany. Belgian Interior Minister Annelies Vierlinden told the VRT network on Friday that the country’s official death toll rose to 18, while 19 people were missing.

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