European employees highlight three positive consequences of the coronavirus crisis

European employees highlight three positive consequences of the coronavirus crisis

The importance of the implementation of flexible work policies, the recognition of certain roles and respect for the environment are three positive aspects that have resulted from this pandemic

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 – 11 November 2020

Michael Page, world leader in the selection of qualified personnel, produced an x-ray of the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the workplace and the future of work, based on the perception of European employees.

Among the most important findings, three positive aspects that resulted from this pandemic stand out:

Firstly, the expectation that companies will implement flexible working policies in the future stands out (75.5%). The second most noted aspect is the recognition of certain roles that previously did not have the same importance as today (62.9%), such as those related to the sectors of health, retail trade, education and logistics, among others. Finally, they highlight sustainability, since 46.3% of those questioned consider that in recent months, environmental awareness has increased, increasing responsible and local consumption of goods and products.

Commitment to work remains alive

Employees ensure that their motivation (51.4%), their job satisfaction (48.9%) and their productivity (45.3%) have remained stable during the months of teleworking. In fact, 53.7% say they feel as involved in their business as when they go to the office every day.

On the future of work, European employees are betting on a flexible model that combines the possibility of going to the office and working from home. The results prove it, with 61.6% considering teleworking in the future. However, if we stop at the proportion, 41.1% indicate that they would work remotely two days a week, 33% three days, 18.2% four days and only 7.7% would do it every day.

“We are at an inflection point where many companies are evaluating their plans for the coming months. But to develop an effective strategy, it is necessary to know what the workers think and how they have evolved professionally during these months of working from home, ”says Jaime Asnai Gonzlez, Managing Director of PageGroup Espaa. “Knowing the employees’ perception is essential to evolve towards a work model that adapts to the needs of the company, while maintaining the commitment and job satisfaction of all workers,” he adds.

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