European Union approves acquisition of Bethesda

In the end, the deadlines set by the European Union for the approval of the purchase were exhausted. Recall that last year, Microsoft announced its interest in acquiring Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda and its various studios. Now he has passed his most complicated process since the acquisition has been approved by the European authorities.

European Union gives green light to Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax Media

In the end, no claims were made by other companies and the acquisition was approved. In addition, the European Union has indicated that the acquisition is proceeding without any kind of conditions, which makes it easier for Microsoft to act as it sees fit.

On the other hand, rumor has it that the SEC, the US competent authority, has also given the green light to the acquisition. This will allow Xbox Game Studios to reach 23 studios, including studios such as MachineGames, Arkane, and iD Software.

The Redmond giant appears to want to keep Bethesda working in isolation. This strategy has worked very well with other large acquisitions such as GitHub, LinkedIn and Mojang.

Of course, one of the most controversial cases has been the issue of exclusive games. Gamers on other platforms fear that Microsoft will only offer its games on Xbox and PC, restricting access to Sony and Nintendo to the Zenimax Media game suite.

Funny thing is, nobody questions this if this happens with other studies at Nintendo or Sony. But even so, Microsoft has indicated that it will study each case individually to see if it needs to be exclusive or if it can appear on other platforms.

Rumor has it that the Redmond giant may be planning a special Xbox event at the end of March. They would then seek to publicize part of the strategy and perhaps more information about the new franchises.

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