European Union relations with Russia: Russia warns that we will be ready to end our relations with the European Union: Russia said – EU will ban relations if we ban

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Russia and the European Union have risen on the Alexei Navalny affair, said: “If a new ban is imposed, we will sever ties with the EU. After his return to Russia, President Putin is opposed to Navalnymosko. “
There is a ruckus across the country over the arrest of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Russia. Meanwhile, over the threat of an EU ban, Russia has warned of heated protests. Russia’s foreign minister said if the EU imposed a further restriction on the issue related to opposition leader Alexey Navalny, it would sever ties with the EU. The Russian Foreign Minister said that we do not want to be isolated from the international community, but we are ready for it. If you want peace, you have to be ready for war.

We don’t want to isolate ourselves
On a question about maintaining formal relations with the European Union, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Russia did not want to be isolated but that the country was ready to face retaliation if the EU took measures that would harm the Russian economy. He said if that happened again and certain sectors of our economy were banned, these measures would be taken.

Ruckus continues after Navlani’s arrest
After Navalny’s arrest, there were tensions between Russia and relations with the European Union (EU). Last week, a Moscow court sentenced Navalny to two years and eight months in prison for violating the terms of the probationary period. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borel said after his visit to Russia last week that following Navalny’s conviction, a group of 27 countries would take a firm stand on Russia and that a new ban would be imposed.

The process of expelling diplomats continues
While Borel met Lavrov, Moscow expelled diplomats from Germany, Poland and Sweden who participated in demonstrations in support of Navalny. In response, the three EU countries expelled Russian diplomats.

Russian police raid Navalni headquarters
Russian police raided the headquarters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny late at night. Navalny returned to the country on January 17 after receiving treatment in Germany. He was arrested as soon as he arrived in Russia, after which there were huge protests in the country. The police raid lasted until one night. At this time, it is not known if the police took anything away as evidence, but they are seen in Navalni personnel being made public on social media in photographs, including a cup of coffee. The police made no statement regarding the reasons for the search.

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