European Union restrictions on Russia: more sanctions imposed by the European navy; EU under tension – alexei navalny European Union imposes more restrictions Russia comes under tension

The decision by the European Union’s foreign ministers to impose new sanctions on Russian citizens has been described as disappointing by the Russian Foreign Ministry. The European Union’s senior representatives for foreign affairs and security policy, Josep Borel, said on Monday that the faction’s foreign minister had agreed to impose sanctions on those responsible for the arrest, the punishment and torture of opposition leader in Russia Alexey Navalny Huh.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that under Russian law it is unacceptable to demand the release of a citizen convicted by a Russian court for an economic offense. From an international point of view, we speak of interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state ”. He further states that the European Union itself denies daily human rights violations, including acts such as police vandalism, attacks on media freedom and curtailment of the use of language. Russian.

Explain that Russia’s tension with European NATO countries is increasing. Russia recently fired nuclear capable missiles. The country’s defense ministry said it had also launched a test launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile from the nuclear submarine Karelia at Barents C. Meanwhile, several long-range cruise missiles were launched. These missiles were fired from the Tu-160 and Tu-95 bombers from the airfields of Ukranika and Angeles. It is reported that he managed to make his marks at Pemboy’s training ground. According to TASS, these launches were carried out under the command of Putin.

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