Events of May 2 cover last day of campaigning in Madrid with electioneering accusations against Ayuso

The Community of Madrid honors past and present heroes, they are rewarded for having rendered a service to citizens. Among them is the composer Nacho Cano, who performed in one of the moments of the morning.

After receiving the Grand Cross of the Order on May 2, Cano returned this award to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whom he called a “miracle” for keeping the theaters open and of whom he distinguished herself as “courageous. and such a good president. “

An act in memory of the uprising in Madrid which reminds Ayuso of his campaign motto, speaking of “defending the same cause they defend today: Spain and freedom”. This happened during an act with the presence of former presidents of the Community such as Cristina Cifuentes or Ángel Garrido, both laureates.

With the Cifuentes Prize, Más Madrid has decided to leave the event. Yes, Ángel Gabilondo, who was reprimanded at the start, stayed until the end. Before entering, he demanded that “no partisan or sectarian use” be made of these acts.

If the parties present have agreed on anything – all except United We Can – it is in one concept: unity. After a campaign full of tensions, tensions and attacks between the different candidates, Ayuso, Gabilondo, García and Bal shared messages of “union” and “common” positions.

While no one has forgotten that Sunday is the last day to call for the vote, the last messages asking for the vote before Reflection Day.

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