Everis Foundation collaborates with 120 directives in Spain to promote the talent of girls with high potential

Everis Foundation collaborates with 120 directives in Spain to promote the talent of girls with high potential

The everis foundation has launched the sixth edition of its Plsar one-on-one mentoring program for girls aged 15-16 with the aim of closing the gender gap.

Plsar connects high-potential teenagers, lacking in feminine references, with women who are professionally successful in different fields who act as role models, allowing girls to discover their talent and to continue their educational journey.

The methodology of the program, developed by the everis foundation, aims to promote curiosity, exploration, discovery and reflection, establishing a link between this learning and everyday life.

“Plsar allows these girls to be aware of a reality they don’t know now, but of which they can dream,” explains Karla Alarcn, director of the everis foundation. “And it allows them to ask themselves vital questions that transform their lives and that of their environment, always guided by their mentors. At the end of the program, the girls talk about greater self-confidence, safety and the importance of having a Plan B, which also improves their resilience, ”she continues.

In four passes

The sixth edition of the Plsar program will take place in Spain, Brazil, Colombia and Peru in the cities of Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Cartagena, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Lima, Sao Paulo, Bogot.

In Spain, the mentoring team is made up of 120 women leaders, managers who have achieved professional success in leading companies in sectors such as banking, engineering, health, communication, technology, education, etc., and who collaborate in the program in an altruistic.

During six one-on-one sessions, the girl and the mentor will move forward together in the process. In each of them a challenge is taken up which will allow the girls to identify their talents, to examine alternatives for the continuity of studies, to make alliances in their environment, to develop a plan to achieve their goals and, finally , to always review what is being done to see where you can improve and move on.

Free MOOC (massive open online courses)

In order to evolve the program and facilitate its expansion, the everis foundation offers all the methodology, as well as the best practices of the Plsar program in a free online course so that any person, institution, NGO, educational center, can teach it. to adolescents. of your nearest environment.

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