“Every congregation of people carries a danger”

Publication: Saturday February 27, 2021 20:17

The epidemiologist and former director of the WHO, Daniel López Acuña, objected to the mobilisations taking place on March 8. “At this time, any congregation of people, or demonstration, carries a danger,” he said on LaSexta, adding that at this time “all massive events, sports, cultural or demonstrations must be extremely limited.”

In this sense, López Acuña warned that “now is not the time for us to crowd people or group people together because we run the risk of a rebound in incidence.”

“I am more than supportive of celebrating 8M in style and supporting women’s rights claims, but it needs to be done in any way that does not pose a health risk, and there are many ways to do it. do, ”he said.

Regarding Holy Week, the former director of WHO defended that “it is worth keeping the restrictions with little mobility” because, as he said, “what will make us the more harm is to increase mobility and interaction between people “. . “There is already data on increased mobility to levels that may endanger the risk of contagion,” he said, adding that if measures were relaxed, Easter “could be another tarmac path to a new one. wave”.

“When the measures are relaxed or suddenly de-escalated and there is a high incidence, we have a high risk of rebounds, new waves, regrowth, even more with the presence of certain variants, like the British one, which has a strong contagion ”, warned Daniel López Acuña.

Finally, the epidemiologist predicted that “we will see more and more variants emerge and it is very likely that we will reach a point where the available vaccines are not necessarily effective for all the variants”. For this reason, he stressed the importance of “making rapid progress in vaccination to stop the infection and, with it, the emergence of variants”.

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