“Every gesture of normalization is positive”

Posted: Sunday October 25 2020 11:12

The Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, spoke in favor of a return to politics to resolve political conflicts and avoid having recourse to justice and indicated, concerning the possible pardons of the prisoners of independence, that “any gesture of normalization is positive”.

In an interview with “El Periódico”, the minister assured that “all the gestures that are made to normalize and promote coexistence in Catalonia must be well received. Returning to the channels of politics as a means of resolving conflicts requires judicializing to a minimum “.

“All these measures aimed at promoting coexistence and guaranteeing normality and appeasement must be welcomed. Then we will see how they can conclude. But from this point of view they are very positive”, said Ábalos, who said added: “I will always be on the side of all policies of pacification, peace and coexistence.

Likewise, he assured that “ the Government is inclined to generate a framework of normalization, of tranquility for Catalonia, which brings all the difficulties of a political order back to the domain of dialogue, coexistence and normality, and not judicialization, which is the way others choose ”.

Regarding Catalonia also, he said that in the budgets prepared by the government “we will maintain the statutory provision, to comply with the penalties, and we are talking, in this ministry alone, of 2,500 million euros of investment “for the community.

Against total isolation and the message in Madrid

He also referred to the debate on the monarchy and said that “the government is not there to reflect or open debates on the Crown”, and on reforming the law to renew the CGPJ he indicated that “he intends to unblock and respond to the Constitution” and, therefore, she considered that “from this point of view, the initiative was correct”. Regarding the rupture between the PP and Vox staged in the motion of censure, he indicated that “the country is interested in making it happen.

If (the head of the PP, Pablo Casado) were sincere, we assume that there is a strategic turn and that the PP realized that the strategy was not correct. “In this line, he asked the PP that in the communities of those who govern with the support of Vox do not depend so much on this party and” that they begin to address other political groups when they govern in the minority “, and the PP was informed that” what is expected of him is an alternative. And that does not mean the destruction of the current government. “

Regarding the law on housing, he assured that “the government is ready to advance its treatment to satisfy Podemos” and stressed that the rule “will try to avoid any risk of unconstitutionality”, as stated by according to him Catalan law.

Regarding the pandemic, he declared that it was necessary to try to avoid the confinement because of the costs that this implied for the economy and the morals of the country and declared that in Madrid “the problem is not legal, but political, to take seriously. the health situation “. “We have to avoid it and we have to start working seriously,” he adds.

He assured in this sense that the measures decreed Friday in Madrid “are very difficult to follow” and avoided ruling on confinement of the community. “We are not going to use intimidating or conflicting messages. The Community of Madrid must know exactly what its strengths are and that the threat it has is very great,” he said.

Regarding the management of the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the minister considered that he should have declared a “truce” to the government because of COVID-19, and ruled out presenting a motion of censure. “With the pandemic situation, we must not make testimonial motions,” he said, also referring to the one presented by Vox this week.

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