“Everyone makes mistakes and the will is clear”

Posted: Monday May 31 2021 1:08 PM

The government of Pedro Sánchez is getting closer and closer to granting pardon to prisoners sentenced for the independence process in Catalonia. This is clear from the statements of Vice-President Nadia Calviño, who assured that “everyone can make mistakes”.

“It is not precisely the political opportunity that guides us, but to do what we think is best for society. Our will is very clear and this line is what we are going to follow,” he said. stated in an interview with Cope.

Calviño insisted on Friday that the government is still guided “by the general interest” and doing the best for Spanish society, even if it is “unpopular”.

Despite the will of the government, its main concern is that the third chamber of the Supreme Court overturn the pardons, as happened in 2013 with that of a suicidal driver. To avoid this, Justice is already working to complete in the coming weeks the reform of the offense of sedition announced a year ago, as the journalist Carlos Cue explained in Al Rojo Vivo.

The government wants to halve the sentences for this crime, a legal argument that would serve to ensure that the third chamber has no room to cancel the pardons, since this crime would have been updated or, in any case, it would be in the process of being released. to be changed.

The PP has already spoken on this possibility, which ensures that the reform of the offense of sedition would be “a tailor-made suit” for the independence leaders. Party spokesman Cuca Gamarra assured that this was another of Sánchez’s “big lies” and warned – once again – that they would respond with censure motions in town halls and collecting signatures.

The pardons decision will be made before the second half of July, probably between late June and early July, according to PSOE sources at LaSexta.

This is an issue that causes a high level of concern in the game and they make sure they are “aware” of what they are playing. Moreover, they add that they feel “like at a crossroads”: “If we don’t do it, the legislature ends and if we do it, we can lose the elections.

The PP ensures that the graces will not exhaust the king

The mayor of Madrid and national spokesperson of the PP, José Luis Martínez-Almeida said on Monday that the hypothetical signing of pardons to the independence leaders “will not exhaust the king” Felipe VI, and asked not to put him ” in greater difficulties nor in great controversies ”.

“As much as this government tries to twist the issue of forgiveness and involve the king with the signing, we Spaniards are fully aware of the king’s role, his powers and the role to which he is assigned,” said Almeida.

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